Tea will make everything better
Thu Feb 22, 2018 09:15

Jehan pulled back from the hug and was smiling. Dorian thought he knew all of Jehan’s smiles - he had made efforts to memorise them for rainy days - but this one seemed different. Was Jehan okay? He couldn’t have said why he doubted it but… However, Jehan been the one to end the hug, and Dorian was sure he wouldn’t have done so unless he was fine now. Why would one turn away from a source of comfort when one needed comforting still? And especially here in MARS, where it was just them… The only logical conclusion was the Jehan was fine, but his heart argued with his head, which was not a sensation he liked…

“Yes, with Vlad, Tatya, Ruby,” he nodded, as Jehan talked more of their ball plans. “Only I have to give you back at the end of the night. No being room-mates this time,” he added sadly. “That was the best part with the fire.” That was why he felt the ball would be a poor comparison… It had been the nicest feeling, Jehan being the last thing he saw before he closed his eyes, and the first thing he saw when he woke up. If he had been an Aladren, or Jehan had been in Teppenpaw, that would have been the end and the start of every day and… He wished that Jehan hadn’t pulled away from him already.

“I will make tea,” he decided. He had been going to do so anyway when he got to the end of his chapter, but then Jehan had taken him away from his book, and now it made sense to do it before he got back into reading. The only way their little room could have been better would have been if they’d had a kitchen, but the MARS room seemed unwilling to be treated as their own private apartment and continually failed to provide one however hard Dorian thought about it. He had circumlocuted MARS’ selfishness by bringing his own tea things and learning to cast the boiling water charm. “Maybe jasmine… Do you want?” he offered. Dorian wasn’t sure what Jehan really thought about tea, which worried him. Jehan occasionally would join him in a cup, and made appropriately polite remarks when asked his opinion, but he didn’t seem to show any real enthusiasm for it. To Dorian, this was like expressing no particular interest in food. He could understand not liking certain types of tea, but there were so many varieties - how could one be indifferent to it as a subject? And more than that, tea was important for the soul. Tea was comfort. Dorian certainly wished with all his heart that nothing ever happened to harm or upset Jehan, but he knew that it almost inevitably would. He hoped Jehan was never grieved, nor suffered a broken heart, but what if he did, and he didn’t have the comfort of tea? How would Dorian go about putting him back together? And even if he escaped those major afflictions, tea was the balm for all the little injuries that the soul endured. It was so necessary. At least, he consoled himself, that was not a pressing concern right now.

He rummaged in his bag for his teaset. It was his personal set from home - the bell-shaped pot with its bamboo handle, and two small straight sided cups without handles, all in a dappled, spotty blend of creamy-grey that almost looked like it had been chipped from stone rather than made of china, with little fine brushstroke rabbits scampering under a full moon on the pot, and perched alert, one on each cup, their noses in the air. It was the set his mother brought him tea in every morning. The one he had taken to Jehan every morning when he had stayed over… He didn’t think Jehan was particularly a fan of the morning tea, with its strong smoky flavour - during the holidays, his friend had rarely touched the beverage, but Dorian hadn’t stopped bringing it, and Jehan hadn’t done anything to discourage him continuing to do it. Partly, Dorian felt it was good hosting and good guesting - for all he complained about his mother’s tendency to couver, it had to some degree rubbed off, and it would have felt unimaginably rude not to take his friend tea, however frequently he ended up drinking Jehan’s cup himself, unless said friend directly asked him to stop. And Jehan hadn’t, he assumed on the grounds of not wanting to cause offence, or the resultant fuss his mother would have made upon finding out he had not been getting his beverage of choice in the mornings. It also had had the advantage of giving them twenty minutes of peace with just each other’s company. Dorian loved his family, but it had been nice to just have his friend to himself from time to time.

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    Jehan was riding on a wave of euphoria from the understanding he and Dorian had reached. Nothing too specific had been said, but it didn’t need to be. They were, after all, only young, and they also... more
    • Tea will make everything better — Dorian, Thu Feb 22 09:15
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