Parker Fitzgerald
This Workout Brought To You By Sia
Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:50

Let out the energy. That's what his mother had always said he needed to do, and maybe, just maybe that's why he had not been feeling himself lately. He hadn't been going on as many walks in the garden without his adventure buddy around. He'd been sitting in the Library playing DnD and reading up on animals while writing letters.

Without Quidditch Parker needed something to do, to work out the energy he had, and hopefully get rid of the foggy feeling. That's how he found himself in MARS. He remembered it from the tour in first year, but hadn't yet actually made use of it. He decided he would have it be a simple gym, like the one his brother had made back home.

Sitting in the mock up of the gym felt weird. He could see the feel the equipment and it felt real, but he had seen the room only moments before and it wasn't there. Sitting down on the bench Parker took out the small iPod his sister had given him and put the ear buds in and started working out to the rhythm.

I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
Where the wind don't change

Parker slowly started stretching and then, because the music was moving faster he started doing burpees. He'd only done them a few times before and had hated them, but he felt they might use up the energy he was feeling inside.

I found solace in the strangest place
Way in the back of my mind
I saw my life in a stranger's face...

Up to 35 burpees. The most Parker had ever done and he could feel the energy building instead of going away. He was getting more of it instead of less. This was not going as he had planned, but decided to keep going. Switching it up, and cycling through a few other exercises that he knew.

I have made every single mistake
That you could ever possibly make

Images of John Jr suddenly flashed through his mind. For some reason Parker could feel his anger raise up to meet with energy that he was feeling. Images of his brother and sister started flooding into his mind. Parker stopped moving, trying to stop the images, but they kept coming. His brother threatening him and his sister. His sister playing in their front garden. Parker closed his eyes wanting the images to stop, shaking his head. He could feel the anger and the energy getting more intense. He crouched down on the floor and shouted at his brain to stop.

Then nothing.

Parker realized suddenly it had all stopped. The energy he had had disappeared, as did the images, the anger, even the sound.

Slowly opening his eyes Parker's mouth responded in kind. What had been the simple gym looked liked a bomb had gone off. Scorch marks on the wall, the equipment seemed flipped over, and bits of smoke still hung in the air, but Parker was sitting in the center, untouched. The earbuds seemed to have fallen out when Parker crouched down towards the floor.

He picked them up and put them in his ears, both afraid of what might happen if he did, and also if he didn't.

I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive

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