Jozua Sparks
And the Letter A for Apocalypse
Thu Mar 1, 2018 21:09

Jozua had lost some time being sick. He'd milked it as long as he could, but eventually he'd had to go back to classes. Then there had been make-up work from the two days of class he missed while bedridden. Well, the first day he had actually been bedridden, spending several hours in the Hospital Wing, then getting sent to rest the remainder of the day in his own room. The second day he would have probably been fine to return to class, but he'd successfully convinced Professor Xavier that he needed one more day of recovery. The third day had been the weekend and there was just no excuse for not going back after that.

As he'd been busy making up his homework and classwork, he hadn't really had much opportunity to get back to the Dueling Arena - aka the MARS Sports room - much lately to try to keep working on his wand control or whatever it was that was up with him. Though, truthfully, in doing that homework and classwork, he really hadn't had any issues recently.

Today he had time again, and he planned to test out this new semblance of control he'd achieved, so he made his way to MARS. Opening the door to the Sports room, he came to an abrupt halt less than a full step into it.

The place was a disaster. "Wow," he heard himself blurting out, "I thought I was having magic control issues." He'd seen worse. His house had burned down just over a year ago, after all. But it was still an impressive display of utter destruction. In the middle of it was a kid he didn't really know, but thought he recognized as the smallest Chaser on the Pecalus team. The one Joe had hit with a bludger last year. He suddenly felt glad it hadn't been him, or he'd feel the need to start apologizing.

His gaze darted about the place, picking out the remains of some strange contraptions pushed to the edges of the room and badly scorched. He wasn't quite sure what they were, but he didn't think they were looking in good shape. They looked like they'd been in the way when a massive fireball went off, though Firs- no, Second-Year Chaser looked perfectly fine, so that - probably? - wasn't what happened. Still, that was some magical potential.

"Do you like standing in the middle of explosive craters, or can I make a few changes to the room?" he asked. It wasn't impossible that the kid just woke up today with the desire to stand in the middle of a disaster scene and the room had obliged him. MARS was cool like that. So he didn't want to start messing around with the scenery if this was what the kid wanted. He'd been there first, after all. "I mean, running around in the aftermath of the apocalypse is suddenly starting to look interesting, now that I see it, so if you don't mind, I'll join you, if that's what you're doing."

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    • And the Letter A for Apocalypse — Jozua Sparks, Thu Mar 1 21:09
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