And for Alleviating Awkwardness?
Fri Mar 2, 2018 17:28

Sore. Sore and tired. That's how Parker felt when the older boy walked in on him in the middle of the floor. Now Parker could add embarrassed and scared to the list of things he was feeling. At least it hadn't been his Quidditch Captain... or a teacher. Though he imagined the teachers had seen worse. He'd heard enough stories from Cleo to realize that maybe fire wasn't an abnormal thing, still, Parker could see how this looked bad. Blowing up things isn't usually something that gets put on a list of things to do.

As the older boy spoke, Parker knew exactly who was in front of him. It had to be Jozua Sparks. Though they had not been introduced, or really interacted, apart from games, where it was hard to be introduced to an opponent, he had heard all the stories about his... display earlier this year, to his...flare for the dramatic. Parker knew the comment was coming from the man himself. And if Jozua was saying it, it meant the room really did look as bad as Parker had imagined.

"I..." Parker started to try and explain but didn't know how. Hanging his head down he simply said "I came in to release some of the energy I had. Though I don't know how it came to this."

Parker laughed at the Jozua's next comments. He felt a little better knowing that he wasn't in trouble, at least not with the older boy. No one had told him that Jozua was funny, besides being a spectacle maker.

"No no, please, if you know how to fix this, please. I just wanted to work out before not... I don't... not do whatever this is," Parker said stumbling over his words as he stood up to wave his hand at what had been apply described as the aftermath of the Apocalypse.

He'd made the sports room look like his family home, and now Parker had blown it up? What did that mean. What was happening? He didn't like it, and if he was being honest, was a bit scared of himself.

  • And the Letter A for ApocalypseJozua Sparks, Thu Mar 1 21:09
    Jozua had lost some time being sick. He'd milked it as long as he could, but eventually he'd had to go back to classes. Then there had been make-up work from the two days of class he missed while... more
    • And for Alleviating Awkwardness? — Parker, Fri Mar 2 17:28
      • AbsolutelyJozua, Wed Mar 7 07:58
        Given permission to change the room from the person who created its current incarnation, Jozua closed his eyes, spread his hands out and turned in a slow circle, imagining the Dueling Arena as he had ... more
        • AmazingParker, Thu Mar 15 14:49
          He knew what the MARS rooms could do. After all he had crafted the room himself before he blew it up, but he'd not had his eyes open when the room had changed, so the experience was downright jaw... more
          • AwesomeJozua, Wed Mar 21 10:38
            Jozua felt his heart sink as the younger student revealed that he clearly already knew who Jozua was. He supposed it could just be because he ran the dueling club, but he suspected the cause of his... more
            • And away we go...Parker, Fri Mar 30 15:28
              Confusion spread across Parker's face. How could you practice wand magic without a wand? When Jozua mentioned a stick Parker contorted his face a bit. He was trying to imagine what that would look... more
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