Nathaniel Mordue
Staging a surprise (tag Sylvia).
Tue Mar 6, 2018 18:22

Nathaniel’s ill-fated - or at least ill-midway-pointed; he couldn’t really consider meeting a seemingly nice person as an ill chance - journey to the Labyrinth Gardens had been based primarily on the need to get away, but it had had an ulterior motive, too. He had hoped to both send photographs home to let Mama and his younger brother see some of what Sonora had to offer and to show photographs to Sylvia to see if there was any place they might like to claim for their own in the Gardens, a semi-secluded retreat not as good as their treehouse, but as close as they were going to get in a public place like a school. The pressure of always being on-duty, on display, on point was beginning to wear on him, so he could only assume it was the same for his cousin. Simon didn’t seem to mind, but it was Simon’s job not to mind. Nathaniel and Sylvia were, as he had told Kir McLeod on his first night here, less important than Simon, so they could have some time and space to themselves, as long as they didn’t take too much.

In the end, though, the possibility that Cleo or someone similarly kind-hearted wouldn’t always be around to rescue them if they got lost in the Gardens had deterred him from going forward with his original plan. Instead, he had gone in search of a new plan, and thought he had found one in the school’s magic rooms. Accordingly, he began to make plans.

During the week, it was impractical to try to deviate much from schedules, but when he had spare moments, he visited the rooms, figuring out how to use them. Then on Friday evening, he told Sylvia to meet him in MARS at 12:30 on Saturday. Then on Saturday, he slipped into the Cascade Hall twice after breakfast, squirrelling away a bit of this and a bit of that, before hurrying over to MARS to make the appointment. He grinned at his cousin when he met her.

“I’ve got a surprise,” he said, taking her hand and pulling her toward the door to the water room.

The trick, he’d discovered, was exact words. Any body of water would work. The stream running through the room when he opened the door was one of several factors preventing the scene from being just like the land at her house, but it was close enough - closer, anyway, than anything else he had found.

“I - um - stole us a picnic,” he said, opening his bag to produce the mix of easily-transportable foods, sandwiches wrapped up in napkins, and a sealed bottle of juice. “I thought it would be nice to just - get away from everyone for a while. Like our treehouse - or as close to it as we can get here,” he amended. “I tried to make it make a treehouse, but I haven’t figured that out yet,” he admitted. “Do you like it?”

    • You do it very wellSylvia Mordue, Fri Mar 9 10:14
      Sonora was a lot less fun than she had imagined. She had imagined it being a whirl of society fun with some light studying. It was more like constant studying with occasional socialising. And she was ... more
      • Why, thank you.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 16:29
        It’s lovely. You are wonderful. These were always pleasant things to hear. He hugged Sylvia back, smiling happily over her shoulder. “You’re right,” he agreed as Sylvia elaborated why it was okay... more
        • You're very welcomeSylvia, Thu Mar 22 05:06
          “We have each other,” Sylvia reminded him, when he wished for something permanent. “And this way it stays just for us. There’s too many other people here who might spoil things,” it was hard enough... more
          • Now...cheers to the future.Nathaniel, Tue Mar 27 20:55
            Nathaniel smiled sympathetically as his cousin admitted, in her polite way, that she, too, found it all a bit overwhelming. “Exactly,” he said. “Except I don’t think I’ve ever wanted life to always... more
            • I'm sure it's brightSylvia, Thu Apr 5 03:40
              “It will get better,” Sylvia proclaimed. “I mean, we can hardly be expected to know people well just yet. And that probably makes the whole thing harder - being on best behaviour all the time and so... more
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