Wed Mar 7, 2018 07:58

Given permission to change the room from the person who created its current incarnation, Jozua closed his eyes, spread his hands out and turned in a slow circle, imagining the Dueling Arena as he had created it for every Dueling Club meeting since it began. It looked mostly like the one in Aladren (his hometown, not the House) but with a lot less seating for spectators (though enough for the rest of the club members who weren't currently dueling at any given time).

The floors gleamed a polished gray color with boundary lines for three different duels to be going on at a time. The walls looked solid and stone, and even the chairs were metallic. Cushioning charms made them more comfortable, without adding anything that might be flammable to the room. Additional charms were in effect to keep fire and other dangerous spell effects from leaving the dueling circles. It wasn't an enchantment Jozua could normally do yet, but the MARS was generous and didn't want anyone to get hurt either and was able to duplicate the effect so far as Jozua could tell as long as he remembered to think about it when he made the room.

He opened his eyes, lowered his arms, and looked around in satisfaction. It looked like a safe place for working with uncertain magic. He turned back to the kid. "If you want to stand in one of the circles and practice, they're designed to keep magic effects from endangering anyone outside the circle. I've found some spell practice has been having a good effect on my control. Haven't had an outburst in a few days."

He waved invitingly toward one of the circles. "If you're not sure what to do, I can teach you a few dueling drills." Then he belatedly decided an introduction was probably in order. "I'm Jozua, by the way. Jozua Sparks. The, er, dueling club president."

  • And for Alleviating Awkwardness?Parker, Fri Mar 2 17:28
    Sore. Sore and tired. That's how Parker felt when the older boy walked in on him in the middle of the floor. Now Parker could add embarrassed and scared to the list of things he was feeling. At least ... more
    • Absolutely — Jozua, Wed Mar 7 07:58
      • AmazingParker, Thu Mar 15 14:49
        He knew what the MARS rooms could do. After all he had crafted the room himself before he blew it up, but he'd not had his eyes open when the room had changed, so the experience was downright jaw... more
        • AwesomeJozua, Wed Mar 21 10:38
          Jozua felt his heart sink as the younger student revealed that he clearly already knew who Jozua was. He supposed it could just be because he ran the dueling club, but he suspected the cause of his... more
          • And away we go...Parker, Fri Mar 30 15:28
            Confusion spread across Parker's face. How could you practice wand magic without a wand? When Jozua mentioned a stick Parker contorted his face a bit. He was trying to imagine what that would look... more
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