Sylvia Mordue
You do it very well
Fri Mar 9, 2018 10:14

Sonora was a lot less fun than she had imagined. She had imagined it being a whirl of society fun with some light studying. It was more like constant studying with occasional socialising. And she was excited at meeting all the right people here, but it was much more fun doing that at balls where everyone was dressed up than it was in school, where sartorial matters left much to be desired. She was beginning to see why jewellery was deemed such a good gift for school-aged witches, as it was pretty much the only way to show that one was Someone. There was a second year girl who had particularly impressive skills in this field and with whom she was determined to forge a better acquaintance.

Simon was back to being Simon, thankfully. He never lasted long when they rowed before giving in and apologising, and though he’d toughed it out longer than she expected, a pet lip and asking if he was mad at her had had him being properly brotherly again. And then she had been properly sisterly again, showering him with hugs, kisses and smiles and telling him he was the best brother. Sylvia was conscious only that the pouting worked, and that affection was a decent-ish currency. She hadn’t fully analysed how they played into Simon’s desires to Do The Right Thing (be a good brother who did not upset his precious sister) and how he was weak and insecure enough to be easily fed by the ego stroking that came after he apologised. She was conscious of what worked, but not particularly of how or why, or even particularly that it could be viewed as a bad thing - she felt genuinely grieved when she felt that she wasn’t in Simon’s good graces, and they were all happier now that he was being nice again.

She was excited to spend some quality time with Nate at the weekend. She tried to work with him in class often but they also had to network, and it wasn’t the same as having time to really talk just with each other. She returned his grin, happy to see him and at the prospect of spending time together, but then he made it even better by saying he had a surprise. Sylvia loved surprises. Most of the time. There had been exactly two unpleasant ones in her life - Uncle Nicky leaving, and Nate being sorted away from her. But when someone announced a surprise, it always meant they had done something nice for her, and she was eager to see what was waiting on the other side of the door.

“Oh Nate! It’s lovely,” she beamed. She hadn’t used the MARS rooms but understood that they were a sort of… projection of what one wished for. This was Nate’s wish then, for them.

“You are wonderful,” she praised, giving him a tight hug when he announced he’d also brought them a picnic. “And it’s fine that it’s not our treehouse. I mean… It might be a little strange if it was. That’s our at home place. We can have a different one here. But one that’s still just for us. That’s the thing that matters most.”

  • Staging a surprise (tag Sylvia).Nathaniel Mordue, Tue Mar 6 18:22
    Nathaniel’s ill-fated - or at least ill-midway-pointed; he couldn’t really consider meeting a seemingly nice person as an ill chance - journey to the Labyrinth Gardens had been based primarily on the ... more
    • You do it very well — Sylvia Mordue, Fri Mar 9 10:14
      • Why, thank you.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 16:29
        It’s lovely. You are wonderful. These were always pleasant things to hear. He hugged Sylvia back, smiling happily over her shoulder. “You’re right,” he agreed as Sylvia elaborated why it was okay... more
        • You're very welcomeSylvia, Thu Mar 22 05:06
          “We have each other,” Sylvia reminded him, when he wished for something permanent. “And this way it stays just for us. There’s too many other people here who might spoil things,” it was hard enough... more
          • Now...cheers to the future.Nathaniel, Tue Mar 27 20:55
            Nathaniel smiled sympathetically as his cousin admitted, in her polite way, that she, too, found it all a bit overwhelming. “Exactly,” he said. “Except I don’t think I’ve ever wanted life to always... more
            • I'm sure it's brightSylvia, Thu Apr 5 03:40
              “It will get better,” Sylvia proclaimed. “I mean, we can hardly be expected to know people well just yet. And that probably makes the whole thing harder - being on best behaviour all the time and so... more
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