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Thu Mar 15, 2018 14:49

He knew what the MARS rooms could do. After all he had crafted the room himself before he blew it up, but he'd not had his eyes open when the room had changed, so the experience was downright jaw dropping.

The room swirled in front of Parker's eyes changing from the brown wood tones of the Fitzgerald house into grey stone metallic floors and walls. The overturned furniture flew away and was replaced by chairs and all the while Jozua sat there with his eyes closed. Parker was transfixed. This. This was magic. This was what he wanted to do and imagined he'd do at this school.

As the room came together Parker looked around. He wasn't sure where he was standing, but he could tell he was in the middle of some kind of performance area. There were three areas marked out. Jozua spoke as he turned around. He made good sense and then Parker thought he made a joke, but Parker was still in awe of having seen the room change itself like it had. And merely nodded as he backed up into the circle area.

Parker finally snapped out of it when Jozua introduced himself, which caused Parker to laugh a bit. He imagined it was hard for people not to know who Jozua was.

“I know who you are. You're someone that’s hard to miss. As my dad would say, your reputation presence precedes you. My name is Parker. I’m a…” Parker was still looking around the room and for a moment forgot what year he was in, “second year. I got beamed by the beater last year.” He remembered Jozua was on the other team, but couldn’t remember if Jozua was the one who’d hit him though.

“Sorry, I’ve never seen the room change before like that it was… I want to say magical, but that sounds stupid being at Sonora. And umm… I’d love to learn some drills. I don’t really know any besides from Defense classes. You have anything to stop me from blowing up? My parents didn’t teach me any.”

Parker added the last bit, not necessarily lying as he thought it’d be stupid to, to end a conversation about him being muggle born before it started. It was a conversation he’d had too many times in this school upon first meeting people. A conversation in which people seemed to sometimes treat him differently. One of the reasons he missed talking to Cleo, she seemed genuinely not to care about who his parents were.

  • AbsolutelyJozua, Wed Mar 7 07:58
    Given permission to change the room from the person who created its current incarnation, Jozua closed his eyes, spread his hands out and turned in a slow circle, imagining the Dueling Arena as he had ... more
    • Amazing — Parker, Thu Mar 15 14:49
      • AwesomeJozua, Wed Mar 21 10:38
        Jozua felt his heart sink as the younger student revealed that he clearly already knew who Jozua was. He supposed it could just be because he ran the dueling club, but he suspected the cause of his... more
        • And away we go...Parker, Fri Mar 30 15:28
          Confusion spread across Parker's face. How could you practice wand magic without a wand? When Jozua mentioned a stick Parker contorted his face a bit. He was trying to imagine what that would look... more
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