Why, thank you.
Mon Mar 19, 2018 16:29

It’s lovely. You are wonderful. These were always pleasant things to hear. He hugged Sylvia back, smiling happily over her shoulder.

“You’re right,” he agreed as Sylvia elaborated why it was okay that it was different from home. “I wish we could have something - permanent, I guess, here, too, but…” he shrugged. “I’m glad you like it,” he concluded, smiling again.

He settled down and began unwrapping a sandwich. “I just thought we needed to get away from - everything,” he said. “Is it just me, or did you expect Sonora to be a lot more fun, too?”

He was not upset about being a Teppenpaw, exactly, but he didn’t like that he’d been Sorted away from Sylvia. That was when things had started to go a bit wrong. Then things just kept...going wrong. He kept making random objects scream and getting in trouble with teachers and losing control and - he needed to retreat, regather somewhere safe, and he assumed the same was true of Sylvia.

“I don’t think I really thought about what it would be like being in public all the time,” he concluded. “Even with our teachers at home, we didn’t have to be this - on all the time, you know? How are you in Crotalus? Is Miss Pierce nice?” Not that Nathaniel could really do anything about it if she wasn't - it wasn't proper to hex girls - but while he wouldn't admit it for fear of offending her, he worried about Sylvia having no privacy whatsoever because she had a roommate. He was sometimes lonely by himself in Teppenpaw, but at least he didn't have to go on show the moment he woke up each morning.

  • You do it very wellSylvia Mordue, Fri Mar 9 10:14
    Sonora was a lot less fun than she had imagined. She had imagined it being a whirl of society fun with some light studying. It was more like constant studying with occasional socialising. And she was ... more
    • Why, thank you. — Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 16:29
      • You're very welcomeSylvia, Thu Mar 22 05:06
        “We have each other,” Sylvia reminded him, when he wished for something permanent. “And this way it stays just for us. There’s too many other people here who might spoil things,” it was hard enough... more
        • Now...cheers to the future.Nathaniel, Tue Mar 27 20:55
          Nathaniel smiled sympathetically as his cousin admitted, in her polite way, that she, too, found it all a bit overwhelming. “Exactly,” he said. “Except I don’t think I’ve ever wanted life to always... more
          • I'm sure it's brightSylvia, Thu Apr 5 03:40
            “It will get better,” Sylvia proclaimed. “I mean, we can hardly be expected to know people well just yet. And that probably makes the whole thing harder - being on best behaviour all the time and so... more
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