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Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:38

Jozua felt his heart sink as the younger student revealed that he clearly already knew who Jozua was. He supposed it could just be because he ran the dueling club, but he suspected the cause of his fame, apparently even outside his nearest year groups, had more to do with his spectacular displays of uncontrolled magic recently. Obviously word had spread about that well beyond the intermediate class.

He ran a hand awkwardly through his blond hair, but fortunately even in his dismay and embarrassment he didn’t start sparking out again. In fact, he was feeling solidly in control of his magic again, even in the face of social awkwardness. Obviously his practice and the necessary of skipping classes to do so was paying off. Maybe, maybe, he was safe enough to start casting around other people again.

At least Parker was just politely introducing himself and not outwardly accusing Jozua of being kind of scary. But then, after what Jozua had seen walking into the MARS room, Parker might be afraid of having it turned back on him. “Yeah, that was Joe,” Jozua supplied the name of ‘the beater’ who had caught Parker out in the last game when he mentioned it. Quidditch was good for getting to know your own teammates, but there really wasn’t much opportunity for catching the names of the folks on the other side.

He grinned, feeling more comfortable and confident, now that the subject had turn firmly toward dueling drills. This he knew. This he could teach and demonstrate and not worry about doing it wrong because this had never failed him.

“Absolutely,” he promised. “After, er, well, after,” he said significantly, not wanting to bring up his sparking out or the explosion in Transfiguration, but figuring Parker could probably figure out what he was alluding to since ‘his reputation preceded him’ and all. “After that, I started doing some wand control drills in here, and it definitely seems to be helping. I’ve been accident free for almost a week!” And okay, fair, there had been days in there where he hadn’t left his bed much less picked up a wand, but accident free was accident free.

“My dad taught me these before I even got my own wand, in the hopes it would help with my accidental magic outbursts, and it did, kind of.” He left it to be assumed that he was using a fake wand instead of Dad’s because if Parker’s parents didn’t teach him anything to help control his magic, then they might be sticklers for the underage magic laws, and he didn’t want to get Dad in trouble. Or he supposed they could be muggles and just didn’t know any such exercises, but it was probably still safest not to admit to illegal magic use.

“So you hold the wand - or a stick, if you’re at home - like this,” Jozua stood next to Parker, demonstrating the stance. “Now center yourself, try to feel the magic inside you, and flick.” He flicked his wand. “Imagine like there’s a sword coming at you and you are doing a magic parry. Just brush it aside. You’re not actually casting anything, though, you’re just focusing and holding your magic. It’s good for attuning your wand to you, though, making it feel more like an extension of yourself and getting it used to holding your magic without actually doing anything with it until you want it to. So just, focus . . . and flick.” He demonstrated again. “It’s almost like meditation. Then when you feel like it’s the right time - I usually feel like a calmness surrounds me, but Dad says he gets a buzzing in his ears, and Mom says she just gets an intuition that she can’t explain but she knows she’s ready, and Grandad says he feels warm- you can go ahead and actually cast something. Like this.”

Jozua stepped away, putting enough space between them that he wouldn’t poke out an eye even if he lunged in Parker’s direction. He held his ready pose for a little while, flicking every now and then, until he felt the calmness that meant he had his wand’s full cooperation, and then swished and flicked, “Wingardium Leviosa!” he shouted with a force that suggested he was doing something way more powerful than a beginner level levitation spell. And the potted plant (which MARS kindly provided for him just as he needed a target) that he was pointing his wand at rose up into the air with satisfying speed.

He stepped back, lowering his wand, and the plant returned the the center of the circle. He bowed toward Parker, and stepped out of the circle. “Now you try.”

  • AmazingParker, Thu Mar 15 14:49
    He knew what the MARS rooms could do. After all he had crafted the room himself before he blew it up, but he'd not had his eyes open when the room had changed, so the experience was downright jaw... more
    • Awesome — Jozua, Wed Mar 21 10:38
      • And away we go...Parker, Fri Mar 30 15:28
        Confusion spread across Parker's face. How could you practice wand magic without a wand? When Jozua mentioned a stick Parker contorted his face a bit. He was trying to imagine what that would look... more
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