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Thu Mar 22, 2018 05:06

“We have each other,” Sylvia reminded him, when he wished for something permanent. “And this way it stays just for us. There’s too many other people here who might spoil things,” it was hard enough guarding their treehouse against invasions from Jeremy, who was covetous of it and of joining in with them, and worse still the adults often seemed to think he ought to be allowed to. She couldn’t imagine trying to keep a place at school as ‘just for them’ unless it was somewhere like this that came from something inside them.

“Maybe,” she admitted, taking half the sandwich that Nate had unwrapped for them. He knew her well enough to know that ‘maybe’ was her tactful and ladylike way of saying ‘yes.’ “I mean… It’s not all bad. Just…” He hit the nail on the head.

“Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. I mean, you sort of always wish for life to be one big party. But you forget actually, parties are pretty tiring. It’s better that they’re just special and occasional, otherwise you’d get rather sick of them. And it’s like all the tiring aspects of a party with very few of the nice bits,” she sighed. She had noticed that Nate seemed to be having… That some things had happened in class. She thought that, if anyone dared mention it, she would just try to spin as Nate being incredibly powerful, which would be both a good thing, and mean they ought to shut their mouths. The incident in Defence with his housemate, whilst thoroughly unfortunate, did at least lend weight to the theory that he was not someone to be trifled with, although his stammering apologies about how it was all an accident perhaps undermined any fearsomeness it might otherwise have inspired. Hopefully people were willing to chalk it up simply to being a beginner, even if it was a little… well, it would have been preferable for it not to be happening.

“Miss Pierce seems very agreeable,” she replied, feeling almost fake. Not that she didn’t find Caitlin agreeable, but it sounded like such a polite and practised answer, one that didn’t really fit in with talking with Nate. “I suppose she’s on her best behaviour too,” she replied, using that as the explanation of why she had little else more remarkable to say about her.

“I miss my unicorns though,” she admitted. She had a very fine collection of stuffed unicorns but her Father hadn’t felt it would be very grown up to bring one away to school with her. If she had been by herself, maybe she would have been able to convince her parents to let her bring one back after Christmas. “I mean, I’m not saying I’d swap Caitlin for one if I could,” she added, because she knew she would grow out of missing her toys, and Caitlin was a great connection, and it just wasn’t very nice to wish to replace a real person with a stuffed unicorn, “I just miss them is all. How is it being by yourself? Are you lonely?”

  • Why, thank you.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 16:29
    It’s lovely. You are wonderful. These were always pleasant things to hear. He hugged Sylvia back, smiling happily over her shoulder. “You’re right,” he agreed as Sylvia elaborated why it was okay... more
    • You're very welcome — Sylvia, Thu Mar 22 05:06
      • Now...cheers to the future.Nathaniel, Tue Mar 27 20:55
        Nathaniel smiled sympathetically as his cousin admitted, in her polite way, that she, too, found it all a bit overwhelming. “Exactly,” he said. “Except I don’t think I’ve ever wanted life to always... more
        • I'm sure it's brightSylvia, Thu Apr 5 03:40
          “It will get better,” Sylvia proclaimed. “I mean, we can hardly be expected to know people well just yet. And that probably makes the whole thing harder - being on best behaviour all the time and so... more
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