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And away we go...
Fri Mar 30, 2018 15:28

Confusion spread across Parker's face. How could you practice wand magic without a wand?

When Jozua mentioned a stick Parker contorted his face a bit. He was trying to imagine what that would look like. All summer he'd been surrounded by sticks when he went into the mountains and had never picked up a stick to practice wand work. He wondered how that would work and what might actually happen if he tried.

Parker stood in the circle copying Jouza's movements without the wand. It was the only way Parker would be able to replicate them later. Jouza gave a lot of examples as to what it might feel like and the last one hit Parker. Like something warm coming up inside of you. Parker knew exactly what he meant, but hadn't realized that was what was happening.

"Like a cup of hot chocolate coming up instead of going down," Parker said nodding. He wanted Jouza to know he understood.

After Jouza had the pot come down Parker nodded. His heart was beating a bit faster than he wanted.

"Ok," he responded as he picked up his wand again and held it.

Parker took a deep breath in and held it counting to five like his mom taught him all those years ago. He held his wand out like Jouza had shown him. As he breathed out he could feel the warmth rising up and through his body. Parker almost didn't feel the wand in his hand anymore even though he could see it.

"Wingardium Leviosa," Parker said with a flick of his wand at the potted plant. As the potted plant went up, Parker thought briefly about a book his father had read to him about a potted plant falling from the sky thinking, "Not again." It made Parker smile as he watched this potted plant steadily rise. He could feel that warmth going through his arm and out his wand and just as it reached a certain level he brought it back down, resting on the table.

Parker pointed his wand down, as he was still a bit worried about what had happened earlier in Charms happening again.

" that what wand work is supposed to feel like?"
Parker wondered why the professors had never described it quite like that before.

"What other spells are good to practice?"
Now that he could do this, Parker was getting his competitive spirit up and wanted to try harder things. He suddenly felt like maybe he would be a good wizard after all. He just needed to figure out how to learn in ways that worked for him.

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    • And away we go... — Parker, Fri Mar 30 15:28
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