I'm sure it's bright
Thu Apr 5, 2018 03:40

“It will get better,” Sylvia proclaimed. “I mean, we can hardly be expected to know people well just yet. And that probably makes the whole thing harder - being on best behaviour all the time and so on.” Except once they had friends, then of course they’d have to work on keeping them… Would they ever be free to be themselves? She was sure girls in her school stories were always becoming the closest of friends and confidantes with their roommates. Whilst, of course, looking out for the snarky older students who wanted to ruin them…

“Well, that’s good,” she nodded, as he said he wasn’t lonely. “And it seems like there’s some quite good types in Teppenpaw, if you do start feeling sociable. Like the second year boys. They’re quite well-to-do, aren’t they?” she hesitated. She wanted to check that there wasn’t bad feeling between her cousin and Mr. Montoir, but she didn’t want to embarrass Nate, or make him feel like he wasn’t doing a good enough job if he hadn’t made friends there. “Are you all getting on?” she asked tentatively.

“Oh, yes. I’d like that very much,” she enthused, both about the idea of them picnicking together again and of Nate bringing his photos next time. “You take such good pictures,” she added fondly.

“Yes, the gardens seems rather sprawling,” she nodded without any kind of judgement, when Nate mentioned getting lost in them. “I don’t think she’s anybody,” she shrugged, when he mentioned a third year called Cleo. She didn’t know her, and she had taken care to learn who was who in her house. She was quite sure Simon would have mentioned her if she was important, as there was only a year between them. “Nice of her to help you though,” she added, because it seemed that Cleo had done Nate a good turn.

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    Nathaniel smiled sympathetically as his cousin admitted, in her polite way, that she, too, found it all a bit overwhelming. “Exactly,” he said. “Except I don’t think I’ve ever wanted life to always... more
    • I'm sure it's bright — Sylvia, Thu Apr 5 03:40
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