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Isaac Song
Unofficial Christmas Eve Party! All invited!
Thu Apr 12, 2018 20:08

Being quarantined sucked. Isaac was just as disappointed as the rest of the school at staying here over winter break. He would be missing the annual snowboarding trip he took with his friends and that was kind of a big deal since they wouldn’t be able to understand why. This whole sickness had affected him too, but he'd had his bouts of accidental magic and ended up in the Hospital Wing with a fever. He felt completely well now, so he was hoping he wouldn't catch it again.

The whole vibe of winter break so far was pretty sad. The whole school was pretty decorated and festive. There was snow outside to make it a white Christmas—an event Isaac himself had never experienced before—but that just wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to get to know his fellow classmates and provide a place where they could all get together and hang out. If they were all going to eventually get sick, might as well have as much fun as possible beforehand. Or afterwards. Christmas was his absolute favorite holiday and it needed to be celebrated right.

Isaac thought he knew enough people at school by now to throw a grand party like this. It was an ambitious project, so he asked Luke to help him plan since he considered him one of his close friends here, and spread the word by mouth during mealtimes. He especially enlisted the people he talked to to tell everyone they knew and come with their friends. A few days before the party, he made a few flyers to stick up in the Pecari common room, Cascade Hall, and the MARS rooms. On the flyers, it read:

Come celebrate Christmas Eve with your friends at the MARS art room! Bring gifts, wear your best Christmas outfits or ugly sweaters, and have a great time! There will be snacks, games, and crafts. See you then!

When: Christmas Eve
Where: MARS Art Room
Time: Seven-thirty p.m. till curfew

Putting it together was the tough part because there wasn’t much he could do to decorate. He could use spells to the best of his ability, but that was about it. The best idea was to go to MARS and hope that the room transformed into some kind of party room. He decided to set up in the art room even though he’d never stepped foot in there before. It seemed like a good place in case people wanted to make crafts or dance. When he walked in, the room looked exactly as he’d hoped it would. The floor was smooth wood and the walls were a darker shade to reflect the dimmer lighting. There was a large Christmas tree fully decorated in one corner of the room and a dance floor in the center. There were very few sprigs of mistletoe hanging from various spots in the ceiling, but they were still there to make it feel more festive.

Apparently the school itself was on his side about this.

The bad thing about throwing a party on his own was that he was responsible for everything. He asked the prairie elves if they could provide some holiday snacks and he was surprised that they agreed. There was a table with eggnog, brownies, frosted cookies, fruitcake, and candy canes. He set up his Christmas music playlist and set it on repeat. He transfigured a bunch of objects to make ornaments and took the time to wrap them in order to make party favors. He piled those on one side of the room. People could take them and charm them or decorate them with ribbons or paint. He hoped they wouldn't run out fast, but he could also transfigure more if needed.

At another table, he set up papers and a number of art supplies where anyone could create holiday cards they wanted to send home or give to each other. In another corner, there were board games piled up that Isaac had received for Christmas from his family. Actually, he’d asked for them so he could bring them to the party. There was a mix of Muggle and magical board games. Later, he was sure he could start up a game of charades if people were interested.

Isaac just wanted it to be a fun, relaxing time where people could celebrate together. He did, however, had a secret desire to be known and gain brownie points as the popular kid at school. Throwing a school-wide party would probably help once everyone figured out that he had orchestrated it all. The only risk with this was that no one would show up. Isaac felt like he was pretty chill about those sorts of things, but it would still hurt his ego if it was a total flop. He just tried not to think about the possibility and the debilitating disappointment that would follow.

The party was supposed to start at around seven-thirty, and by then Isaac was ready. He even had his ugly sweater on: a red and green sweater with a friendly reindeer face that had a glowing red nose. Isaac was feeling pretty proud of his work and poured himself some eggnog to celebrate. When the first person walked in, he approached them eagerly, ecstatic that at least some people were showing up. “Hey, thanks for coming! Want some eggnog?” He handed them his untouched glass. “Sucks that we’re quarantined, but at least we can make the best of it."

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