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Tatiana Vorontsova
I shall honor the spirit of Rozhdestvo and keep it always.
Sat Apr 14, 2018 23:58

They weren’t allowed to go home.

When Tatiana had first heard this news, she had rejected it out of hand, sure she had misunderstood. After all, this year, Sonia was going to have her party – she had been sixteen for months and it was her turn to be the guest of honor at a great party where she wore her hair up and her skirts down for the first time. Tatiana, as her sister, was supposed to be there, too – she was not old enough to really attend, of course, but she was supposed to get to eat dinner and watch some of the dancing, and maybe take a few turns on the floor with suitable young men of sterling reputation and long association with the family. She had been promised this, in fact. It was not one of her gifts for Rozhdestvo, but it was close enough that even receiving a gift – a beautiful necklace with blue and yellow sapphires at intervals – to open early once her parents had figured out what on earth the professors were trying to write to them had not made her much happier.

She had still been unhappy when Dorian had come up with the idea to go skating, so unhappy that the idea hadn’t perked her up right away, but overnight, she had started to slightly warm up to the idea. She loved winter, loved being out in the ice and snow – it was one time when no-one would scold her for moving as vigorously as she wished, as the alternative at home was to freeze as solid as a statue. Plus, she had made friends with Jasmine last year when they had come back and there had still been snow, so it had some positive associations even at Sonora. Impulsively, then, she scribbled a note – Jasmine, we have ice in MARS, you want to come? - and sent it off to her friend before heading down to see what Dorian had come up with.

It was, of course, perfect. The last of her ill temper slipped her mind as she saw it and clasped her hands together. Partially this was because they were rapidly getting cold – she was indoors and so not wearing gloves, though she was glad she had them in her pocket, as it now at least looked like she was outside besides feeling like it – but mostly it was out of delight. She beamed at her friend as he skated over to her.

“Ty chudesnyi,” she told him warmly, having now said ‘you are wonderful’ enough recently to have forgotten that she was not sure she had ever translated it for him. She looked down and saw a pair of skates that looked just her size. “Ya – let me put on.”

She was able to get onto the ice herself and took pleasure in picking up speed, skating in a long, smooth straight line as fast as she could for a moment before turning around. She skated backward back toward her starting point for a moment, then turned to skate toward Dorian, laughing in delight as a very light flurry of snow descended around her.

“You the very, very best,” she added as she drew level with her friend again. She skated around him, the snow very flatteringly swirling around her as though she were Snegurochka. She didn’t notice that her jacket and hat had just turned from red to pale blue with white trim as she put out a hand to grasp his in affection. “Samyi lyuchshii,” she added, giving ‘very best’ in Russian as well to emphasize the point.

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    • I shall honor the spirit of Rozhdestvo and keep it always. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Sat Apr 14 23:58
      • You seem to be taking that a bit farDorian, Fri Apr 20 10:23
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