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Raine Collindale
Sounds good to me
Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:03

To say that Raine had never been the biggest fan of school was something of an understatement. She had managed to become somewhat fond of Sonora because of the friends she had there but she still regarded being in school as an unpleasant experience. Being quarantined over the holidays therefore had her feeling pretty mad. She needed a break. The holidays were usually fun. A chance to do family stuff, and let off steam. The didn’t have shows over the vacation, but a lot of the adult members of her family worked corporate gigs - Christmas parties that wanted jugglers or stilt walkers or the like. They didn’t though. Those types were touchy about things like child labour laws, and having minors in an environment that included alcohol. Which meant the kids were usually free to meet friends and get trashed at New Year.

She had been excited to see the sign for Isaac’s party. She doubted it would be as wild as the ones she went to back home but it was at least an excuse to have some fun, and she needed that. She didn’t have much in the way of a Christmas outfit - it was a shame that she didn’t have any of her costumes at school, as a lot of those were very sparkly. She had found red and green clothes though. She had a red crop-top with a cross back that she wore for working out and a pair of green harem pants with sequins around the ankle bands. She had charmed both to glitter. A year or so ago, she would have been self-conscious about the amount of her body that her workout top showed off but she’d learnt that guys tended to like her the less she wore, and she liked guys liking her… She didn’t have much makeup at school but she had borrowed some, giving her eyes a good deal of shimmer and shadow. Her normally rather wild brown hair was straightened.

She headed to the MARS room at seven thirty. Normally she wasn’t exactly punctual, especially for informal things like parties but well… it wasn’t like there was much else to do. Although she felt slightly awkward when she realised that she was the first person there.

“Thanks,” she smiled, taking the cup from Isaac. She knew who he was in that it was a small school and most people knew each other, at least those within two years of themselves, seeing as they’d had classes together at some point. But she didn’t really know him. “Yeah,” she agreed about the quarantine and its suckiness, “It’s cool of you to throw a party. My brother’s coming too. He said he would. Kyte,” she added, although she suspected Isaac knew she was Kyte’s twin because… well, everyone knew everyone.

OOC- This is the style of top Raine is wearing. She is not infected in spite of having had exposure to the virus, just for clarity.

  • Unofficial Christmas Eve Party! All invited!Isaac Song, Thu Apr 12 20:08
    Being quarantined sucked. Isaac was just as disappointed as the rest of the school at staying here over winter break. He would be missing the annual snowboarding trip he took with his friends and... more
    • Hmm.. more social encounters...Gary Harper, Sat Apr 21 21:28
      Gary was generally bummed out by the quarantine thing. He'd naturally been looking forward to heading home and seeing Dad again. He had all sorts of news to tell him, mostly about his D&D group, but... more
    • Making my own gifts.Lily Spencer, Thu Apr 19 20:07
      When Lily saw the notice for a Christmas Eve party, she was thrilled. Spending the holidays at school was similar to torture for her. She'd so been looking forward to seeing her family over the... more
      • I'd also like to give people gifts.Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Apr 20 18:35
        Wizards believe in Jesus? was the first thing Parker could think about when he saw the sign for the party. He did like the idea of a party though, and one where students of all ages would be. He... more
        • Lily turned to see Parker sitting next to her. “Hey Parker, ’course I don’t mind. They’ve got quite a bit of stuff here to work with.” She liked Parker, though they didn’t spend much time outside of... more
          • I love it more than getting gifts reallyParker, Fri Apr 27 11:46
            Parker smiled as Lily moved to a safer spot. Parker looked up overhead to make sure he wasn't sitting under the mistletoe. Though he wouldn't be adverse to kissing someone, he'd never done it, so he... more
    • Sounds good to me — Raine Collindale, Sun Apr 15 10:03
      • Making small talkIsaac, Mon Apr 16 22:36
        Isaac had a relatively brief mental list of Sonoran girls he thought were hot, and Raine was definitely pretty high up there. She just held herself in a different way and wore provocative clothing... more
        • Oh. Um. Er...Raine, Wed Apr 18 09:03
          There were different types of confidence. Body-confidence, Raine had in spades full. Not that she thought she was necessarily pretty or conventionally attractive (her hair was a little too wild and... more
          • Let me help you out with thatIsaac, Wed Apr 18 23:20
            Even though Raine seemed to trip up on her words, she seemed to be aware of it and tried to elaborate. He didn't laugh or even smile at her fumbling, but just nodded with whatever she was saying. He... more
            • Yes, please doRaine, Tue Apr 24 09:22
              Isaac’s Christmas sounded… Well, Christmassy. Not quite like a standard family Christmas given that it sounded like his family was scattered around the world the rest of the time, but apart from... more
              • But in case you want out...Isaac, Wed Apr 25 16:50
                "Yeah, I talked to Kyte about it last year, I think." Isaac hadn't remembered that until Raine brought it up just then. "We were talking about tricks, but it's hard to get really good if you only go... more
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