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Making small talk
Mon Apr 16, 2018 22:36

Isaac had a relatively brief mental list of Sonoran girls he thought were hot, and Raine was definitely pretty high up there. She just held herself in a different way and wore provocative clothing that definitely caught his eye. He would never do anything about it, of course, because she was older and he had literally no experience with girls in that way while he could bet she had a lot. She was really cool, but as a result a little intimidating to him.

Another girl on his list that he secretly hoped would come was Cleo James, if only because there were times in class he couldn't help but drool over her and other days he hardly noticed her quiet presence. He couldn't quite figure out if he was attracted to her or not, or what it was about her that attracted him.

Being a teenage boy living in a household of women was hard a lot of the time because he couldn't really talk to anybody except his friends about girls. His sisters loved to try and figure out what his "type" was, but Isaac hadn't really figured it out himself yet. He wasn't really crushing on anyone right now, but it was way easier for him to be friends with girls than to make a move. At least, talking to pretty girls was always a plus... and made him just a tiny bit nervous. He was a pretty self-confident kid, however, so he could hide nervousness really well.

"Thanks for coming on time," Isaac replied. "It's not often that happens, but I really appreciate it. Throwing a party this big is always a little nerve-racking cause you want people to show up. Awesome, looking forward to seeing him." Isaac had seen Kyte more often than his sister because they were in the same house, but he didn't know him very well either. "I'm hoping a bunch of people show up, but I guess we'll see if that happens."

He led them back to the snack table so he could grab another cup of eggnog for himself. "So, in keeping with the spirit, what do you and your brother usually do for the holidays?"

  • Sounds good to meRaine Collindale, Sun Apr 15 10:03
    To say that Raine had never been the biggest fan of school was something of an understatement. She had managed to become somewhat fond of Sonora because of the friends she had there but she still... more
    • Making small talk — Isaac, Mon Apr 16 22:36
      • Oh. Um. Er...Raine, Wed Apr 18 09:03
        There were different types of confidence. Body-confidence, Raine had in spades full. Not that she thought she was necessarily pretty or conventionally attractive (her hair was a little too wild and... more
        • Let me help you out with thatIsaac, Wed Apr 18 23:20
          Even though Raine seemed to trip up on her words, she seemed to be aware of it and tried to elaborate. He didn't laugh or even smile at her fumbling, but just nodded with whatever she was saying. He... more
          • Yes, please doRaine, Tue Apr 24 09:22
            Isaac’s Christmas sounded… Well, Christmassy. Not quite like a standard family Christmas given that it sounded like his family was scattered around the world the rest of the time, but apart from... more
            • But in case you want out...Isaac, Wed Apr 25 16:50
              "Yeah, I talked to Kyte about it last year, I think." Isaac hadn't remembered that until Raine brought it up just then. "We were talking about tricks, but it's hard to get really good if you only go... more
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