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You seem to be taking that a bit far
Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:23

He was not quite sure what that word meant. And being unfamiliar, it tended to slip away from him very quickly, and that meant he didn’t recognise it as being the same word that Tatya had used for him in the library. But he recognised a compliment when he received one.

“Spasibo,” he smiled, as Tatya put on her skates and joined him on the ice.

He watched her skate, unsurprised to find that she could do it perfectly well, given where she had grown up. He had expected her to be able to, and was looking forward both to the fact that he could have fun with her whilst they waited and that he and Tatya, citizens of snowy lands, could teach the Americans to skate (which he assumed, whether or not correctly, that they could not). It would be nice for both of them as well, to be the ones with the advantage for once. It was one of the reasons why the Club of Tongues was so much fun too - ok, he didn’t necessarily know any more Russian than any of the others, but he and Tatya both got to spend a bit of time in their element. A bit of time being the one with the skills, or the knowledge. It was nice to get a turn at that.

“Merci beaucoup,” he blushed slightly as she heaped further praise upon him. It was one of the ways he had found in which Tatya did not remind him of Émilie. Not that Émilie didn’t praise and compliment him too - she was liberal with both verbal and physical affection. But it affected him differently coming from Tatya. He had held Émilie’s hand through every childhood experience - every illness, every new thing she’d had to learn - been her playmate, patiently endured her tantrums and her tea parties, learnt to braid hair so that he could redo hers and keep her out of trouble for getting messy… When Émilie showered him with love, he was very aware that it was natural and of the million ways or more in which he deserved it. It did not make him any less grateful, but it… it didn’t make him blush. When Tatya complimented him it was the one time he was acutely aware that she was not really his sister. He had done nowhere near the things he had done for Émilie for her, and yet she still seemed to think so highly of him. He hadn’t really expected that many people other than Émilie would be able to be so fond of him, and now he had both Tatya and Jehan, and it made him feel warm whenever they showed him that he was special to them.

As Tatya had skated back to him, he hadn’t dwelt on the flurry of snow around her, assuming it to be an effect of the MARS room. The MARS room though, would not change her outfit like that. And he was pretty sure he hadn’t, because he hadn’t really had strong feelings about what she was wearing.

“Oh… Tatya. I make you sick?” he suggested, gesturing with his free hand at her clothes. When the news had been announced that the spates of accidental magic were, in fact, part of a virus Dorian had instantly realised that he had it (he was still on the fence about Jehan’s sweater, but the angry notes he’d made appear when talking to Professor Wright certainly counted) and had duly warned his friends. Of course, they had been hanging out with him during the entire period of his illness, and thus the possibility for damage control was limited. “I am sorry,” he apologised. Still, there was nothing much he could do about it now - and equally, nothing that needed doing. Neither he nor Tatya had anything that could be cured right now. They just had to wait it out. And, whilst they did, they might as well enjoy themselves... He turned, so that he was beside her, but didn’t let go of her hand, setting off on another lap of the ice, trying to take measured paces and keep in sync with her. As they neared the top of the pond, he swung around, so he was facing her, taking her other hand so that he was holding both, slowing his pace a little but skating backwards so that she could keep moving.

“So, how do you normally do on the ice?” he asked. “You like to dance?” he asked, smiling playfully, “Or at least pretend we know how - Émilie and I like to do like this. Some ballroom, it transfers. Other not so much.”

  • I shall honor the spirit of Rozhdestvo and keep it always.Tatiana Vorontsova, Sat Apr 14 23:58
    They weren’t allowed to go home. When Tatiana had first heard this news, she had rejected it out of hand, sure she had misunderstood. After all, this year, Sonia was going to have her party – she had ... more
    • You seem to be taking that a bit far — Dorian, Fri Apr 20 10:23
      • Go big or go home, and we can't go home yet.Tatiana, Sat Apr 21 12:11
        Tatiana’s smile flickered for a moment in confusion when Dorian asked if he had made her sick and looked down toward her clothes when he gestured in their direction. Upon looking at them, she stopped ... more
        • Do you have to go quite so big though?Dorian, Tue Apr 24 10:20
          Tatya seemed to shrug off the suggestion of her being sick as something to worry about later, and the playful little smile she gave him was infectious. He smiled back. It was a lot harder to worry... more
          • I doubt I'll give you much to worry aboutRuby Brockert, Sat Apr 28 13:49
            Ruby had been extremely disappointed when the quarantine had been anounced. She had been really looking forward to seeing her parents and younger siblings, even Topaz. Not to mention seeing her... more
            • I like to live dangerously Tatiana , Sun May 6 22:00
              Tatiana recognized her friend’s tone, but was amused by the words anyway, and crossed her eyes to look at her nose. “You hear?” she asked it. “No falling. Dorya does not allow it,” she teased,... more
              • Dorian smiled as Tatya gave her own nose a stern talking to. She made him smile a lot, in a way that was completely different to the way that Jehan did… They started their waltz and she managed to... more
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