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Parker Fitzgerald
I'd also like to give people gifts.
Fri Apr 20, 2018 18:35

Wizards believe in Jesus? was the first thing Parker could think about when he saw the sign for the party. He did like the idea of a party though, and one where students of all ages would be. He liked the feeling of being around the older students, and felt cooler whenever he was around them. So he decided to go.

He'd been able to complete his gift for Cleo before the party, and had brought it with him, wrapped up. He'd tried to do the wrapping with his wand, so it didn't look as nice as it could have, but he was sure Cleo wouldn't mind. He'd also decided to bring something else with him as a gift in case they decided to do a white elephant.

Parker had looked around his room for something and found an unopened copy of Emerson's Essays that his dad always seemed to be pushing him and his siblings to read. He'd never read it, but was sure someone might find it interesting. Though most of the other students seemed ambivalent about things from the muggle world at best.

He'd put on a forest green sweater with his Pecari scarf, he felt he had some Christmas color and decided to leave. Most days, having a room to himself was nice, but for events like this, he felt awkward walking outside in the snow and then down the halls by himself.

On the way he tried to see if he noticed anyone he knew, but he didn't. Arriving just a bit after the party started, he stood outside the door, worried. He could feel an anxiousness build up as he stood outside the doorway. Would he have fun? Would he know anyone? Parker closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath and started counting. He opened them when he got to five and pushed the door in.

Walking in he let out an audible sound followed by a "wow". Parker was still very much not over the tantalizing thrill of seeing magic in all its glory. Though there weren't a lot of other students there. He saw two older students talking with each other that he didn't know. He noticed what the girl was wearing and immediately felt flushed. He turned his gaze to another part of the room, realizing he needed to sit down, preferably with his back to the girl in the red top. He recognized Lily from both Quidditch and now their DnD games and headed over to her. As he got close he noticed that she was sitting underneath some mistletoe.

He grew a bit flustered and stopped while he was walking towards her. He was unsure of what he should do. In tradition he was supposed to kiss her, at least in the Muggle world that's what that meant, but maybe it meant something else here. Parker started towards Lily again and stopped. Parker realized if it meant the same thing then Lily might try to kiss him, and he'd never kissed anyone before. He'd only recently turned 12 so that wasn't that much of a surprise, but he wasn't sure he felt comfortable having his first kiss be Lily.

Parker shook his head from side to side. No. He would say no if she tried to kiss him. Not that that would happen anyways. He was so much younger than her, not from "the right background" as he'd heard other students say and he was her junior on many levels. It wasn't going to happen at all, so he need not worry. Parker walked up to where Lily was sitting.

"Umm hi Lily, mind if I join you? I was looking to make some things for people too."

As he sat down, Parker leaned in close to Lily so as not to be too loud.

"By the way, did you mean to sit under the mistletoe? Don't worry, I'm not going to kiss you. But, some lucky guy might try, just in case you'd rather not."

  • Making my own gifts.Lily Spencer, Thu Apr 19 20:07
    When Lily saw the notice for a Christmas Eve party, she was thrilled. Spending the holidays at school was similar to torture for her. She'd so been looking forward to seeing her family over the... more
    • I'd also like to give people gifts. — Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Apr 20 18:35
      • Lily turned to see Parker sitting next to her. “Hey Parker, ’course I don’t mind. They’ve got quite a bit of stuff here to work with.” She liked Parker, though they didn’t spend much time outside of... more
        • I love it more than getting gifts reallyParker, Fri Apr 27 11:46
          Parker smiled as Lily moved to a safer spot. Parker looked up overhead to make sure he wasn't sitting under the mistletoe. Though he wouldn't be adverse to kissing someone, he'd never done it, so he... more
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