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Go big or go home, and we can't go home yet.
Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:11

Tatiana’s smile flickered for a moment in confusion when Dorian asked if he had made her sick and looked down toward her clothes when he gestured in their direction. Upon looking at them, she stopped being confused. They had not been this color, but now they were.

“Eh,” she said, shrugging and dismissing that as a problem for later. If she was ill, she was ill. She did not like being ill – having to stay in bed made her impatient once she got a little better, then she wanted to be irritable and had to try not to because Mama and Anya and Katya would all give her such disapproving looks, and then at some point she’d try to get up and get back to having fun and make herself sick all over again – but if she was ill, she was ill, and she would get better eventually. At home, she lived in close contact with three sisters and was also around two brothers daily. Everyone got ill, and everyone eventually recovered – it was worrisome with a baby, babies were delicate, but Tatiana was not a baby and usually recovered quickly from everything. A thought occurred to her and she smiled again. “Sick later, maybe. Now Snegurochka.”

Accordingly, they skated on, and Tatiana was impressed with Dorian’s skill as he turned and took her other hand as well. “Ballroom skate? This – I’ve not try. I like dance, though, we try, though – maybe fall on nose.” She was momentarily frustrated by her inability to follow her thoughts through – her basic thought was more elaborate, involving falling on her nose to avoid slashing his leg open with a skate if she fell in some other direction – but it did not seem awfully important at the moment. She raised one set of their two arms higher and lifted one foot up off the ice for a moment. “Wait – we need music,” she added authoritatively, concentrating for a moment until the room began to play it for them…after a fashion. It was a dance tune, but it seemed to be played through all-organic instruments. It was a bit uncanny, but not unpleasant…. “Good?” she asked.

  • You seem to be taking that a bit farDorian, Fri Apr 20 10:23
    He was not quite sure what that word meant. And being unfamiliar, it tended to slip away from him very quickly, and that meant he didn’t recognise it as being the same word that Tatya had used for... more
    • Go big or go home, and we can't go home yet. — Tatiana, Sat Apr 21 12:11
      • Do you have to go quite so big though?Dorian, Tue Apr 24 10:20
        Tatya seemed to shrug off the suggestion of her being sick as something to worry about later, and the playful little smile she gave him was infectious. He smiled back. It was a lot harder to worry... more
        • I doubt I'll give you much to worry aboutRuby Brockert, Sat Apr 28 13:49
          Ruby had been extremely disappointed when the quarantine had been anounced. She had been really looking forward to seeing her parents and younger siblings, even Topaz. Not to mention seeing her... more
          • I like to live dangerously Tatiana , Sun May 6 22:00
            Tatiana recognized her friend’s tone, but was amused by the words anyway, and crossed her eyes to look at her nose. “You hear?” she asked it. “No falling. Dorya does not allow it,” she teased,... more
            • Dorian smiled as Tatya gave her own nose a stern talking to. She made him smile a lot, in a way that was completely different to the way that Jehan did… They started their waltz and she managed to... more
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