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Yes, please do
Tue Apr 24, 2018 09:22

Isaac’s Christmas sounded… Well, Christmassy. Not quite like a standard family Christmas given that it sounded like his family was scattered around the world the rest of the time, but apart from that, quite normal.

“Sucks to be missing it all,” she echoed his sentiment from earlier. His trip with his friends sounded interesting. And kind of familiar…

“Snowboarding is… kind of like stunt riding, right? My brother mentioned talking to someone in his house about that,” she asked. Kyte had gone into more detail than that, telling her what tricks Isaac had told him he could do, but Raine could only just keep up with what Kyte was doing, not his reports of some Muggle thing she didn’t know much about.

“Yes, we should do something for New Year,” she agreed, “Though it probably won’t be much like home for either of us,” she wasn’t sure what video games were exactly, but that was enough to know that they were unlikely to be happening here. “I can’t imagine the professors letting us drink. Though I bet they all will…” She also doubted Kyte had much in the way of interesting supplies in his room - he would have been relying on stocking up over Midterm - and it was never like he had enough for a whole school party, because if he got busted, he didn’t want to look like he was dealing, which would be far worse than just smoking himself. About the only part of New Year that she could replicate was guys, and that was only in theory.

  • Let me help you out with thatIsaac, Wed Apr 18 23:20
    Even though Raine seemed to trip up on her words, she seemed to be aware of it and tried to elaborate. He didn't laugh or even smile at her fumbling, but just nodded with whatever she was saying. He... more
    • Yes, please do — Raine, Tue Apr 24 09:22
      • But in case you want out...Isaac, Wed Apr 25 16:50
        "Yeah, I talked to Kyte about it last year, I think." Isaac hadn't remembered that until Raine brought it up just then. "We were talking about tricks, but it's hard to get really good if you only go... more
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