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Do you have to go quite so big though?
Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:20

Tatya seemed to shrug off the suggestion of her being sick as something to worry about later, and the playful little smile she gave him was infectious. He smiled back. It was a lot harder to worry about the illness when it was doing fun things like changing the colour of her clothing.

“No falling on noses, I don’t allow it,” Dorian assured her, his tone gentle rather than commanding, the meaning clearly that he would not let it happen, rather than he was forbidding it. He adjusted his arms, taking Tatya in a slightly looser than usual ballroom hold so they could get more used to the movements, It felt a little odd to be looking up at his partner and he briefly wondered whether this was part of the reason people didn’t go to quite so many balls and parties at their age. He was aware that he was genetically predestined to never be exactly the tallest guy in the world but he hoped that by the end adolescence the different timings of when people decided to grow might have evened out a bit, and he might have a reasonable chance of finding some appropriate height dance partners. He generally wasn’t too self conscious about his height (or lack thereof) but a large part of that probably had to do with hanging out so much with Vlad and Jehan, who were both a very similar size to him, and to not taking Tatya in ballroom hold too often. He thought that during the actual ball, a night spent quietly on the sidelines with Jehan might be the way forward…

“Yes, it is interesting but pleasant,” he nodded regarding the music, “You can do backwards skate, and can do waltz, then you can do,” he promised Tatya. “I call your steps,” again, it was a role he was used to as an older brother - working through his steps, whilst reminding Émilie of hers. Although he almost automatically began in French, and it took a moment for his brain to put it into English, “Right go backward gliding, bring left for side step, gliding sideways, change weight. Now left go backward gliding, bring right for side step, gliding sideways,” it was hard to explain, but he trusted that Tatya’s knowledge of both fields would help. He wasn’t sure if this was how one officially waltzed on ice (if such a thing existed) and he was pretty sure anyone who could dance for real on the ice would laugh, but it was how he and Émilie had muddled through. It fitted the timing, it fitted the basic steps, and no one was falling on their nose.

OOC - height references checked with authors and/or established from working their adult heights back along a growth chart because I'm a nerd

  • Go big or go home, and we can't go home yet.Tatiana, Sat Apr 21 12:11
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    • Do you have to go quite so big though? — Dorian, Tue Apr 24 10:20
      • I doubt I'll give you much to worry aboutRuby Brockert, Sat Apr 28 13:49
        Ruby had been extremely disappointed when the quarantine had been anounced. She had been really looking forward to seeing her parents and younger siblings, even Topaz. Not to mention seeing her... more
        • I like to live dangerously Tatiana , Sun May 6 22:00
          Tatiana recognized her friend’s tone, but was amused by the words anyway, and crossed her eyes to look at her nose. “You hear?” she asked it. “No falling. Dorya does not allow it,” she teased,... more
          • Dorian smiled as Tatya gave her own nose a stern talking to. She made him smile a lot, in a way that was completely different to the way that Jehan did… They started their waltz and she managed to... more
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