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But in case you want out...
Wed Apr 25, 2018 16:50

"Yeah, I talked to Kyte about it last year, I think." Isaac hadn't remembered that until Raine brought it up just then. "We were talking about tricks, but it's hard to get really good if you only go once a year." Isaac would've loved to go more often, but he was always here at school for most of the prime snowboarding months.

He also remembered Kyte saying how crazy he and his cousins partied, something that was really foreign to Isaac. It would be cool to check out what a Collindale party consisted of in real life. "I bet," he grinned. "But unless somebody's got an inside connection, I doubt we're going to get any of that." Isaac didn't mention that he'd never even touched a drop of alcohol before, but talking to both Kyte and Raine did make him a little curious.

"We'll see if we can get people together for something like that," he continued. "Though putting this together for the whole school was kind of exhausting, honestly. Oh, if you want to check out the other things going on, feel free. There's a board game section and craft-making station, in case you needed to make any gifts." Isaac was feeling pretty good every time a new person came through those doors and he didn't want to hold Raine back if she saw somebody else she wanted to hang out with.

But, if she decided to keep talking with him, he wanted to ask: "What do you usually do for fun when you're at school?"

  • Yes, please doRaine, Tue Apr 24 09:22
    Isaac’s Christmas sounded… Well, Christmassy. Not quite like a standard family Christmas given that it sounded like his family was scattered around the world the rest of the time, but apart from... more
    • But in case you want out... — Isaac, Wed Apr 25 16:50
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