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It's the best part of the holidays, isn't it?
Thu Apr 26, 2018 17:07

Lily turned to see Parker sitting next to her. “Hey Parker, ’course I don’t mind. They’ve got quite a bit of stuff here to work with.” She liked Parker, though they didn’t spend much time outside of Quidditch things and DnD. She glanced up at Parker’s question and chuckled. “I didn’t see it, actually, but it probably looks like I did it on purpose.” She debated within herself quickly. He was much too young to kiss, but a peck on the cheek would at least be a friendly sign of gratitude. There was nothing in the mistletoe tradition that deemed it had to be a kiss on the lips, did it?

However, his age still deterred her so she just smiled. “Thanks for saving me.” She moved out from underneath to a safer spot. She wasn’t sure if any wizard here would consider themselves lucky for having the opportunity to kiss her. She wasn’t nearly as attractive or feminine as the other witches here, but it was nice for Parker to say.

“So, what’re you going to make?” she asked. She remembered being twelve and looking forward to leaving Sonora to see her family again. Now, since she was older, she didn’t mind it as much, staying over the midterm, but she was certain it was harder for the younger students. It’d be nice to be a friend to them.

“I’m just making cards, but I’m terrible at arts and crafts,” she continued. “I’ve got an eye for colour schemes, though, so I suppose that’ll help me somewhat. It’s just a shame I won’t be able to buy gifts for anyone this year, but if owls can go through I’m hoping my family sends me my Christmas gifts. Um, not that it’s that important, but it’s just nice to know my family is thinking of me even though I’m not there. Do you think I should make one for everyone in our DnD group? That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?” Lily pursued her lips and started cutting out box shapes from red parchment.

  • I'd also like to give people gifts.Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Apr 20 18:35
    Wizards believe in Jesus? was the first thing Parker could think about when he saw the sign for the party. He did like the idea of a party though, and one where students of all ages would be. He... more
    • It's the best part of the holidays, isn't it? — Lily, Thu Apr 26 17:07
      • I love it more than getting gifts reallyParker, Fri Apr 27 11:46
        Parker smiled as Lily moved to a safer spot. Parker looked up overhead to make sure he wasn't sitting under the mistletoe. Though he wouldn't be adverse to kissing someone, he'd never done it, so he... more
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