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I love it more than getting gifts really
Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:46

Parker smiled as Lily moved to a safer spot.

Parker looked up overhead to make sure he wasn't sitting under the mistletoe. Though he wouldn't be adverse to kissing someone, he'd never done it, so he wasn't sure how exactly to do it. He wasn't sure this would be how he'd like to get his first kiss either.

Since coming back to Sonora though, he'd begun to notice the other students looks more and more, and noticed that many were attractive. Maybe there was a magic spell on everyone here. Or maybe it was just wizard born students as Parker didn't see himself as one of those people though. With his unruly hair, and his scrawny body compared to the other Quidditch players, he didn't think he measured up to the other students like Dorian or Jouza all that much. He would sometimes find himself alone in his room and would look at himself in the mirror and frown.

"Sure thing," Parker said as he got comfortable again and began to unpack a few things he had picked up around the campus. A few sprigs of plants here, some torn pieces of paper there, some stuff from the CoMC room.

Parker nodded along as Lily talked about making cards for people. It was nice to know family was thinking of you, and Parker had already received the most important package from his parents. The one that allowed him to finish Cleo's present, and also left him stuff to make more for other people. It did make him a bit sad though. It's not that he liked or disliked going home, but he did like some of his families holiday traditions, especially one in particular that he wasn't sure he'd be able to replicate here.

"I think people would like it. Maybe address them to the characters instead of the person themselves? That would be funny." Parker laughed at the idea of getting a card for a Dwarf. It put a smile on his face.

"I'm planning on making dream catchers for some people. I already made one for my friend, but I figured I could find other people who don't have a gift during break and are missing home in some way. Not all of our families can use the Floo after all." Parker tapped the wrapped book he brought, "I also brought a gift in case there is a white elephant." Parker paused a moment.

"Lily. I know this might seem odd, but do you know how I could find a radio recording and then play it on campus?"
Parker figured there was no harm in asking. After bringing up family Parker had a sudden yearning to listen an old radio recording of Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve like his family had every year. It was something small, but it would be a way to bring his home to school.

  • Lily turned to see Parker sitting next to her. “Hey Parker, ’course I don’t mind. They’ve got quite a bit of stuff here to work with.” She liked Parker, though they didn’t spend much time outside of... more
    • I love it more than getting gifts really — Parker, Fri Apr 27 11:46
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