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I like to live dangerously
Sun May 6, 2018 22:00

Tatiana recognized her friend’s tone, but was amused by the words anyway, and crossed her eyes to look at her nose. “You hear?” she asked it. “No falling. Dorya does not allow it,” she teased, straightening her gaze out and grinning at Dorian.

She had had dance lessons at home, so the waltz was a thing she knew. She was, however, used to dancing with people who were either taller than her, or else Katya. With the taller people she followed, but with Katya she usually lead, pretending to be a boy to help her sister learn the steps, which made it difficult to mentally adjust to Dorian playing the man’s part between them – not because she thought of herself as masculine and him as feminine, but simply because he was shorter than her. It secretly amused her sometimes with Vladimir and Jehan and Dorian to imagine that she was a giant woman, ten versts high, towering over mere men the way they were supposed to tower over women - she imagined that if she really tried, she could probably pick Dorian up! She might not get him very far, and he could free himself by kicking a very little and toppling them both over, but she imagined she could get his feet off the ground.

For now, though, they both needed at least one foot on the ground, and she needed to concentrate on him calling the steps - she had to hear the word in English, understand it, and move in time with the music and her partner. One day, she hoped, English would just...fall on her ears, the way it seemed to for Anton Petrovich, who seemed to speak and understand it as readily as he did Russian. For now, following real-time directions in English was a bit of a challenge, but she was managing when a turn took them around so she spotted Ruby Brockert.

Ruby’s name interested her for reasons beyond the obvious. It was an easy English word to remember, sounding rather like rubin (a much closer match than ‘emerald’ was to ‘izumrud’), but in Russian it was a masculine word. It was also...a thing. Did Americans also name their children ‘ring’ and ‘necklace’ and…’chair’ and ‘shoe’ and the like? Of course, she had not heard anyone here called the words for Truth or Wisdom, as was the case at home….

“Hallo,” she said, smiling with a jerk of her chin to the other girl. “You skate?”

She was very conscious of her accented, truncated English whenever people who weren’t part of her established close friends were around, but forced the awareness out of her mind. Traces lingered enough, however, that she did not immediately offer to try to teach them khorovod, the circle dance with singing, on ice to incorporate the new arrival, instead glancing at Dorian for guidance.

  • I doubt I'll give you much to worry aboutRuby Brockert, Sat Apr 28 13:49
    Ruby had been extremely disappointed when the quarantine had been anounced. She had been really looking forward to seeing her parents and younger siblings, even Topaz. Not to mention seeing her... more
    • I like to live dangerously — Tatiana , Sun May 6 22:00
      • Dorian smiled as Tatya gave her own nose a stern talking to. She made him smile a lot, in a way that was completely different to the way that Jehan did… They started their waltz and she managed to... more
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