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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Pecari Quidditch Party (tag the team)
Sat Jun 16, 2018 22:53

Ingrid had hoped to get some kind of scrum match going by the end of the year, but the school’s ruling on Quidditch for the year had been pretty clear - they could train (with supervision) but no risking a combination of infected players and the heat of competition. Following the news that people couldn’t catch the illness again, those who had already been sick could have got together for a match, but that didn’t include her, so it was still no help.

She had tried to have the team train regularly. Pecari was the most complete side, and she had faith in them being able to field a team in the future. A little of the impetus had been removed by the lack of competition, but she tried not to let rainy days or piles of homework be reasons to give people a pass on training.

In lieu of being able to send them off with a game, she had decided to have a party instead, although all she’d told the team was that their final training session would take place in the sports room instead of out on the pitch. She had got the elves to provide Quidditch themed cookies, and a few other nibbles and drinks. The room was decorated with a large ‘Go Wild Boars’ banner (the two potential interpretations of the phrase had always amused her), and had the equipment for them to play various games. As the team members arrived, she encouraged them to help themselves to drinks and snacks.

“For our last session, I thought we’d do something a little different,” she explained, once everyone was there, even though that much was probably obvious by now. “I know we haven’t been able to play matches this year, which has really sucked. But I’ve still had fun being your captain and I’m really proud of you as a team. Ben’s going to do a great job leading you, so here’s to you getting a whole host of new players next year, and wiping the floor with everyone else, the way it should be. Go Wild Boars,” she toasted, lifting her glass.

“Now, what shall we play?” she asked. They had done various games throughout their training - Pepper Up, where a line of players threw to one person with a bat who had to hit it back for them to catch, or Focus, where everyone had a ball in their hands, except the starter who had two, and if they threw to you, you had to pass your ball before catching theirs, setting off a chain reaction of other players having to do the same… They could race, they could do agility courses. She just wanted them all to have fun.

    • It's party time!Lily Spencer, Thu Jun 21 20:18
      It was unfortunate that they weren’t able to play Quidditch yet again with full teams, but Lily enjoyed the regular trainings Ingrid kept. She was able to stay in shape and still practise. That was... more
      • Excellent!Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Jun 30 13:53
        Parker had been more than a bit disheartened all year that they wouldn't actually be playing any Quidditch games. Though the letters from his mom seemed to indicate that she thought it was excellent. ... more
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