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Lily Spencer
It's party time!
Thu Jun 21, 2018 20:18

It was unfortunate that they weren’t able to play Quidditch yet again with full teams, but Lily enjoyed the regular trainings Ingrid kept. She was able to stay in shape and still practise. That was all she could’ve asked for, really, after everything that had happened this year. It’d been mad with the illness going around and CATS to study for, which she thought she’d done rather well on considering her academic history. Only time would tell to see if her feeling about it was true. Otherwise, she was proud of herself for working so hard this year. Her marks had improved significantly with the help of friends and extra studying time in the library. Now that she had her future to think of, it was important for her to do well. Recently, she’d started imagining becoming an Auror someday, and it motivated her to keep on with her studies. Ingrid, on the other hand, motivated her to keep fit.

Lily was sorry to see Ingrid graduate. She was the first captain who’d also been her friend, and she was going to miss her. When she became captain, Lily wanted to implement much of what Ingrid had done. She still had two more years till the captaincy was hers, but Lily imagined she would owl her older friend for advice even then. She wasn’t sure how Ingrid was able to do it all, with her Head Girl duties on top of her already busy timetable. Lily respected her very much for how she’d balanced her time, something she herself still needed to learn how to do better.

Dressed in her usual exercise clothes, Lily went to MARS, wondering why they needed to switch locations for practise now that it was near summer. She would’ve liked to train outdoors with the sun warming her. She pushed the door open and was surprised to see a party instead. Thinking she’d stepped into the wrong room, she looked briefly to see if Ingrid was in here. She was, so Lily entered, greeted her friends and helped herself to a drink.

Ingrid made her speech, and Lily raised her cup to the toast. “Go Wild Boars,” she said enthusiastically before taking a sip. She kept her nostalgic tears at bay, but Lily knew officially saying goodbye to her on the last day would be very difficult. She hated how things had to change like this. Still, Ingrid had worked hard all year and had put this party together, so Lily was going to enjoy it.

“Let’s play Focus,” she replied immediately to Ingrid's query. It was one of her favourites because they got to throw balls at each other and this game required quick reflexes. Ever since she’d learnt about it, she often suggested this game to play during group activities, so it was no secret that it was her favourite.

  • Pecari Quidditch Party (tag the team)Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jun 16 22:53
    Ingrid had hoped to get some kind of scrum match going by the end of the year, but the school’s ruling on Quidditch for the year had been pretty clear - they could train (with supervision) but no... more
    • It's party time! — Lily Spencer, Thu Jun 21 20:18
      • Excellent!Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Jun 30 13:53
        Parker had been more than a bit disheartened all year that they wouldn't actually be playing any Quidditch games. Though the letters from his mom seemed to indicate that she thought it was excellent. ... more
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