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DH Skies
Dance lessons
Tue Jun 26, 2018 09:28

A few weeks before the ball, posters had appeared in all the common rooms, reminding the students that the portraits of the MARS dance room were available to offer instruction. The posters had been addressed to all students, and she thought there were any number who might want to improve their skills before the dance, though personally she wanted to remind the prefects in particular. After all, now that they were all fifth years and older, they’d probably got into their particular habits with using the rooms, and the availability of help might have slipped their minds. Some prefects would not be in need of instruction, of course, having grown up with dance lessons but, where she could, she liked to level the playing field between those of different backgrounds. Sonora was, in many ways, a fairly liberal school, and she was sure its founders had not meant to make any kind of class statement when they chose to have a ball in the rotation of summer events - they had lived in an era when everyone knew how to dance (at least, that was her mental picture of said era - whether accurate or not was another matter). However, times had changed, and it was the case that only a certain type of student grew up being taught how to waltz. She did not want those prefects who weren’t from a Pureblood background to be shown up. Certainly, a lesson or two in MARS was not going to bring them up to the standards of people who had taken their first steps in three-four timing, but it gave them a fighting chance of getting through the thing without stumbling.

The reminder had advised students to ask for Ms. Adelaide. Selina had tried entering the MARS rooms in a number of different mindsets and found different portraits upon doing so. Some had had rather a brisker manner than others, or attitudes she didn’t find entirely pleasant. The portrait of Ms. Adelaide showed an elderly woman, hair pulled back in a harsh grey bun but with kind eyes. She seemed gentle, and had smiled encouragingly even when Selina had deliberately fumbled her steps in front of her. She had clearly loved to dance, and loved to see other people enjoy it. Her only slight flaw as a tutor was that she would go off on occasional rambles about dances she had attended in her youth, and the gallant young men she had met at these parties (an avenue Selina had also pushed, just to see where it might go, but the stories all seemed perfectly innocent - Adelaide appeared to have been a beauty and an accomplished flirt, but not to have done anything terribly scandalous that should not be said in front of teenagers. Or at least, nothing she’d seemed willing to admit to).

In the non-space of not-yet MARS, Adelaide’s portrait waited to be summoned by someone entering the room with her name in mind. Hopefully any prefects in need would take advantage of the help, along with anyone else who wanted to make the most of attending an occasion like the ball.

OOC - as with all the MARS portraits, you are free to write for Adelaide, and/or to have your character summon a different portrait if they have particular qualities in mind for a dance tutor when they enter the room.

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