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Heinrich Hexenmeister
Why can’t you be real?
Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:28

Heinrich had thought he had a pretty rounded education. His tutors taught him practical things like reading and math, and cultural things like music and dance and literature. He’d even had English lessons that he had believed he was doing very well in until he found himself attending an English speaking school.

It was this latter failure to pick up the foreign language as well as a native speaker that also had him doubting his dancing skills. He’d gotten the basics at home, of course, but he had never actually attended a German ball nevermind an American one.

So after seeing the fliers up in the common room (his reading comprehension was good enough now that he’d only struggled over a few of the words) he found himself down in the MARS dance room, hoping the portrait instructor was familiar with German dance as well as American dance, and could maybe speak German, too.

He was surprised therefore when the woman in the portrait did not introduce herself as Ms. Adelaide as the posters had recommended, but instead said, “Hallo, ich bin Frau Schmitt. Willst du tanzen lernen?”

Heinrich almost cried. He wanted to hug her, but she was just a painting. So he kept himself in check, swallowed the big lump in his throat, and croaked out, in German, “I know a little, but what will the Americans expect me to know for their ball?”

OOC: the portrait says “Hello, I am Mrs. Smith. Do you want to learn to dance?”

  • Dance lessonsDH Skies, Tue Jun 26 09:28
    A few weeks before the ball, posters had appeared in all the common rooms, reminding the students that the portraits of the MARS dance room were available to offer instruction. The posters had been... more
    • Studying foreign customs.Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Jul 3 13:51
      Tatiana knew how to dance, of course. It was part of a proper young lady’s education, a form of exercise which was also supposed to support grace and self-control (this had not worked out as well as... more
    • Why can’t you be real? — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Tue Jun 26 12:28
      • How about me instead?Sylvia Mordue, Fri Jun 29 10:47
        Sylvia had ordered a perfectly lovely gown for the ball, one which would compliment her Christmas jewellery nicely, and she was very much looking forward to getting all dressed up in her beautiful... more
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