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Sylvia Mordue
How about me instead?
Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:47

Sylvia had ordered a perfectly lovely gown for the ball, one which would compliment her Christmas jewellery nicely, and she was very much looking forward to getting all dressed up in her beautiful things. However, the ball could not yet be said to be living up to her expectations. Victor Callahan had asked Emerald Brockert quite early on in the year, and Sylvia readily understood why - Emerald was pretty, and was Victor’s age and was the granddaughter of the headmaster. Sylvia was very aware that she could not realistically compete there. And with Victor having set the bar that high, it was sort of inevitable that Winston would follow. She couldn’t see him really taking her when Victor had such a superior date, and the age gap between them had suddenly seemed really very big, and she thought maybe she might be better focussing on people her own age. Excluding Nate, there were only a handful of suitable boys in her class. There was the other Callahan, but she had never particularly taken to him. He didn’t seem to have the strength or presence that his brother did, and she thought she had heard his name being giggled over in Cascade Hall, although she wasn’t sure why. There was the Montoir boy, but he might feel unfriendly to them seeing as Nathaniel had accidentally punched him, and anyway there seemed to be the possibility that he was dating the Russian girl - they were certainly very close, and Sylvia had seen him caressing her during Transfiguration, a move she certainly would not have expected from a young man unless he was her sweetheart, but then they were both European, after a fashion. Vladimir Brockert was a possibility, although she didn’t really know him at all. In her own year, there was Beauregard Tate, who was a little arrogant, and Heinrich Hexenmeister who was weird and foreign. She had decided to keep an eye on the three latter boys, and to see what chances presented themselves.

She was just exiting the music room, having been practising some singing, when she saw Heinrich’s blond head disappear into the dance room. That was… interesting. She had seen the posters in the Common Rooms (or rather had seen the one in Crotalus, and had had it confirmed by Nate that Teppenpaw also had one). Heinrich was supposed to be proper. Heinrich was not supposed to be the kind of person who needed to be brushing up on dance. Of course, he could have been going there for non-ball related reasons, but it was hard to imagine most boys doing a lot of voluntary dance in their free time. Sylvia hesitated a moment, and then followed, finding Heinrich in conversation with one of the portraits, both of them speaking German.

“Hello,” she greeted him. “Are you practising the type of dance that needs a partner?” she queried. If so, that gave her a good chance to evaluate his potential.

  • Why can’t you be real?Heinrich Hexenmeister, Tue Jun 26 12:28
    Heinrich had thought he had a pretty rounded education. His tutors taught him practical things like reading and math, and cultural things like music and dance and literature. He’d even had English... more
    • How about me instead? — Sylvia Mordue, Fri Jun 29 10:47
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