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Parker Fitzgerald
Sat Jun 30, 2018 13:53

Parker had been more than a bit disheartened all year that they wouldn't actually be playing any Quidditch games. Though the letters from his mom seemed to indicate that she thought it was excellent. Parker though had tried to get bigger all year so he could take the bludgers when the time came to play again. He had not met with an amazing amount of success.

Parker realized, after blowing up one of the MARS rooms while he was sick, that his ability to exercise had increased. He could go for longer periods of time. That was great for exercising, but when flying on a broom, he didn't really need endurance.

He wanted bulk. Not fat, but bulk. Something that wouldn't get him knocked off a broom when hit with a giant metal ball. Hopefully something he could also use if he needed to protect himself from any other accidents that might befall him when he was with his friends, specifically one who might make him do stupid things at some point.

Parker still practiced with his borrowed broom as well, and he was getting better. After two years of flying it, he felt much more comfortable, and not as focused on what was necessary to move the broom. Still, he didn't know if that was because he'd gotten used to his team mates, and knew how they flew, and could work with and against that.

As Parker walked towards MARS he could feel his stomach. Not in a good way. Jouza hadn't told anyone about the exploding room, and neither had Cleo or the healer, but Parker worried that someone might call him out for it, and had dreaded a bit every time he had gone to MARS, especially the exercise room.

So as Parker opened the door to reveal a party with banners and cookies, a big smile spread across his face. Ingrid had been great last year, and again this year, and he'd been so wrapped up in his own head he hadn't thought about the fact that it was her last year. He felt a momentary pang of regret until she began to speak and Parker went over to get a cookie that looked like boar on a broom.

"Go wild boars!" Parker cheered along with his team mates after Ingrid had finished her speech. He put the rest of the cookie in his mouth to make his hands free at the mention of a game.

"Ah phah zhat," Parker said in response to Lily's suggestion, meaning to say I'll play that. but having his mouth full of cookies. Focus was one of the games he knew. In part because Lily had been suggesting it a lot at events, but also because he'd found he like how it allowed him to shut out ever other thought and focus on the game. It was relaxing to him, so he'd also started to play it a lot.

Parker swallowed the rest of his cookie, "Sorry. Got a little excited. Who should start first?"

  • It's party time!Lily Spencer, Thu Jun 21 20:18
    It was unfortunate that they weren’t able to play Quidditch yet again with full teams, but Lily enjoyed the regular trainings Ingrid kept. She was able to stay in shape and still practise. That was... more
    • Excellent! — Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Jun 30 13:53
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