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Evelyn Stones, Pecari
Much warmer here than at home.
Mon Aug 6, 2018 18:15

The craggy coast of Oregon weren't really that far from Sonora, but it could have been an eternity for Evelyn. The painted desert was beautiful, but there was nothing like home in the pacific northwest and it didn't take long for Evelyn to find she wasn't terribly fond of things like heat...and sand...and the flat, arid plains of Arizona. When she and Malikhi had discussed this, his own home very different from Arizona as well, he'd suggested that they try one of the MARS rooms, and a beach scene seemed the perfect fit.

There was no better way to wind down and prepare for the start of classes than by spending one last afternoon enjoying the water. Of course, the water in this room was undoubtedly going to be warmer than anything Evelyn had experienced before, which made it even more important to enjoy. Evelyn was glad she'd brought a swimsuit, but thought it odd to just wear that, so she donned a pair of yellow floral shorts and a white and lavender tank top over her one-piece. Then she wore her robes, because it felt odd to wear any other clothes around Sonora. But she still wore sandals underneath, and they clopped as she made her way through the halls to MARS.

Room One was already active, so Malikhi must have been inside. She entered and found that he was, but he was not what drew her eye. Instead, she was faced with the scent of the ocean, hot sand on her feet, and the bluest waters she'd ever seen. She wondered for a moment if she'd need sunblock, but decided that magical sunshine probably wasn't as dangerous as regular sunshine. Or significantly more dangerous.

She pushed the thought aside and clopped her way across the sand to meet Malikhi where he sat on a purple towel. She smiled and took the blue one, wondering if he had intentionally saved her favorite color for her.

"This is incredible," Evelyn told him as she took a seat. She might've murmured or whispered, but the crashing waves were too loud and she shouted it with delight instead.

She pushed her sandals off with her feet and then yanked her robes over her head, careful to keep her shirt in place and to not smudge her lipstick. She thought it perfect that her lips were blue today and the product was actually called 'coral,' an apt description in this case.

Her hair was still up from that morning, pushed into a messy bun, and where she'd wished it was down before, now she was grateful just to feel the sun on her shoulders. She'd removed her jewelry to make it easier to go swimming and could hardly wait to do just that. Then her eyes fell on the other things with Malikhi.

"You brought buckets! We can make sandcastles! With moats!" Evelyn giggled at the thought, feeling truly giddy. The morning had started with a conversation with Ness, and she still wasn't sure how she felt about that but it was good to talk. Now she was relaxing on a perfect beach with Malikhi. How could it get any better?

"Thank you for suggesting this," she smiled. "This is perfect."

And with that, she laid on her back, arms and legs sprawled out, and closed her eyes, her breathing easy. "Absolutely perfect."

  • Oh! We do like to be beside the seaside!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 17:42
    Malikhi was standing in the lobby area, looking around at all the tables and chairs, eyeing up all the games on the shelves and then curiously taking in the five doors that he had learned opened up... more
    • Much warmer here than at home. — Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 18:15
      • I don't have you at home.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 18:38
        Malikhi heard Evelyn before he saw her, his eyes having been closed as he relaxed. The moment he heard her voice, he cracked open his eyes and turned his head to side to grin at her. He was pleased... more
        • We do now. This can be our home.Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 22:52
          Snacks. This boy knew her too well. Evelyn smiled gratefully, particularly for brownies, and then pushed herself to a seated position when she heard Malikhi stir. Before she could sit all the way up, ... more
          • In that case, we need a house.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 23:04
            Malikhi loved the feel of the water as he dove into the sea, holding his breath. It was delightfully cold but not so cold that he would freeze, making it a nice constrast to the warm sun above. He... more
            • Pecari!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 23:10
              Evelyn giggled and jumped when Malikhi tickled her legs and feet, and allowed herself to drift on the waves instead of landing again. He was in a playful mood and she enjoyed him smiling, the... more
              • Fair point, well made!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 23:35
                Malikhi cracked an eye open, seeing Evelyn's face above him. That was a nice sight and idly wondered that, if in the instance that he fell of his broom, if her face would be above him then. He... more
                • Thank you, I'm here all week!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 23:55
                  Evelyn didn't breathe a sigh of relief, for fear of swallowing sea water instead, but she certainly felt relieved. She'd managed not to alienate either of her two new friends so far, and she couldn't ... more
                  • I hope you'll be here longer than that.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 13:03
                    Malikhi felt Evelyn's wave crash into him, washing over his chest and shoulders. He was rather surprised that the small girl had managed to produce a wave of that size, given that she didn't seem to... more
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