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Evelyn Stones
Mon Aug 6, 2018 23:10

Evelyn giggled and jumped when Malikhi tickled her legs and feet, and allowed herself to drift on the waves instead of landing again. He was in a playful mood and she enjoyed him smiling, the sunshine brightening his expression. She couldn't tell if he always looked so bright and beautiful, or if that was a leftover side effect of Lumos. She decided not to quiz him on it.

"My mom taught me!" she said, excited to have found common ground. "Do you think that's a coincidence? Both our muggle parents taught us? Funny to think about." Evelyn smiled a little bit but changed the topic, not wanting to linger too long on family. She was sure Malikhi would be understanding, even if he didn't really understand. However, it did remind her that she hadn't yet apologized.

"Thanks for yesterday by the way," she began. "I had a really good time at the Feast with you and didn't get to apologize for being such a whackadoo about everything. I feel much better now." She smiled, but with both their heads back in the water, she knew he couldn't see it. She hoped her tone conveyed it.

"I got up this morning early to go find a good place in the library. It's so nice to read! Between that and a good night's rest, it was perfect. Plus I got to see Ness, so that was good." Wondering at his response and feeling a bit silly just floating, she rolled onto her stomach and kicked towards him, treading water near him. Somehow, it didn't seem as terrifying as going so far out in a real ocean might. She wondered how far the room would let them go.

"I hope you didn't think I was trying to avoid you," she smiled. "I wouldn't do that."

  • In that case, we need a house.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 23:04
    Malikhi loved the feel of the water as he dove into the sea, holding his breath. It was delightfully cold but not so cold that he would freeze, making it a nice constrast to the warm sun above. He... more
    • Pecari! — Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 23:10
      • Fair point, well made!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Mon Aug 6 23:35
        Malikhi cracked an eye open, seeing Evelyn's face above him. That was a nice sight and idly wondered that, if in the instance that he fell of his broom, if her face would be above him then. He... more
        • Thank you, I'm here all week!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 23:55
          Evelyn didn't breathe a sigh of relief, for fear of swallowing sea water instead, but she certainly felt relieved. She'd managed not to alienate either of her two new friends so far, and she couldn't ... more
          • I hope you'll be here longer than that.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 13:03
            Malikhi felt Evelyn's wave crash into him, washing over his chest and shoulders. He was rather surprised that the small girl had managed to produce a wave of that size, given that she didn't seem to... more
            • Seven years since now they won't kick me!Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 7 16:08
              Evelyn was too excited to disagree with food-- not that she'd really ever disagree with food any other time either-- and allowed herself to be led back to the shore by Malikhi. She sort of wanted to... more
              • Good because I want you with me.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 16:50
                Malikhi flopped down onto his towel and pulled his rucksack closer, emptying it of the various food and snacks that he'd packed for their afternoon. He was having a good time, spending it under a... more
                • You'll have to share!Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 7 21:34
                  Evelyn was surprised by Malikhi's response, but knew she shouldn't be. Most students at Sonora were thoroughly magical, and most parents had different expectations for their developing child than... more
                  • What if I don't want to?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 8 14:14
                    Malikhi unwrapped one of the sandwiches that he'd brought - cheese and tomato, a favourite of his - and took a bite. He resisted to urge to groan in delight as the softness of the white bread, the... more
                    • It's not up to youEvelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 16:33
                      Evelyn was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to say Llanbedr, let alone spell it, but that was okay. Malikhi also said 'Shell Island' and she could pronounce that. "How far away is Shell Island from... more
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