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Malikhi Hill, Pecari
I hope you'll be here longer than that.
Tue Aug 7, 2018 13:03

Malikhi felt Evelyn's wave crash into him, washing over his chest and shoulders. He was rather surprised that the small girl had managed to produce a wave of that size, given that she didn't seem to be particularly strong. He was amused though, a laugh erupting from his throat, and he was about to send another wave towards Evelyn when he noticed that she was staring at her hands with an expression somewhere between surprise and abject horror. Confused, he started to move closer towards her, hoping that nothing was wrong.


Anything else he was wanting to say was cut off by Evelyn's excited shriek, clearly overjoyed. Suffice to say, Malikhi was completely confused by the situation. She was babbling, her words coming out in a rush and Malikhi didn't really understand or catch any of what she was saying. Then, she was coming towards him and enveloped him in a hug.

Unlike the hugs they'd shared in the great hall, Malikhi wasn't entirely sure how to react, given that he had no idea what she was happy about or why exactly he was being hugged. He'd never been hugged in the sea before and it was a very wet hug, some of her hair sticking to his cheek. He'd only just wrapped his arms around her when she broke free of him and was jumping up and down, causing more water to splash over him.

He wasn't entirely sure what she was excited about but was glad that she was happy and smiled widely.

Then, his stomach growled, indicating hunger.

"Ah, we'd better have something to eat," he announced and he grabbed Evelyn's hand as he started to making his way out of the water and to the shore. "Come on!"

  • Thank you, I'm here all week!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 6 23:55
    Evelyn didn't breathe a sigh of relief, for fear of swallowing sea water instead, but she certainly felt relieved. She'd managed not to alienate either of her two new friends so far, and she couldn't ... more
    • I hope you'll be here longer than that. — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 13:03
      • Seven years since now they won't kick me!Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 7 16:08
        Evelyn was too excited to disagree with food-- not that she'd really ever disagree with food any other time either-- and allowed herself to be led back to the shore by Malikhi. She sort of wanted to... more
        • Good because I want you with me.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 16:50
          Malikhi flopped down onto his towel and pulled his rucksack closer, emptying it of the various food and snacks that he'd packed for their afternoon. He was having a good time, spending it under a... more
          • You'll have to share!Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 7 21:34
            Evelyn was surprised by Malikhi's response, but knew she shouldn't be. Most students at Sonora were thoroughly magical, and most parents had different expectations for their developing child than... more
            • What if I don't want to?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 8 14:14
              Malikhi unwrapped one of the sandwiches that he'd brought - cheese and tomato, a favourite of his - and took a bite. He resisted to urge to groan in delight as the softness of the white bread, the... more
              • It's not up to youEvelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 16:33
                Evelyn was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to say Llanbedr, let alone spell it, but that was okay. Malikhi also said 'Shell Island' and she could pronounce that. "How far away is Shell Island from... more
                • A boy can dreamMalikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 8 17:00
                  Malikhi took a swig of water from his bottle before copying Evelyn by opening his own bag of crisps. He popped one into his mouth and it gave a delightfully loud crunch as he bit into it. Another... more
                  • "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 18:06
                    Malikhi's road trip sounded amazing and that familiar twinge of jealousy made Evelyn's stomach roll. She also found herself rather homesick. In this instance, it wasn't that she had never experienced ... more
                    • "When you're fast asleep..."Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 8 18:38
                      Malikhi, for a moment, didn't understand what Evelyn was implying when she was talking about the Defence professor. When the penny finally dropped, he sat bolt upright, a red flush rising to his... more
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