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Am I free? Am I wild? [Tag Dorian]
Wed Aug 15, 2018 17:23

It wasn’t until a few days into term that Jehan and Dorian got to steal away for one of their MARS sessions. Jehan supposed it was fair that they spent time with the others, and it was so nice to catch up with all his friends, but there was something special and relaxing about being just the two of them, as they had been so often last year.

Despite things being slightly awkward between them at the end of last year (well, awkward for Jehan), things felt better now. Having time apart had helped Jehan recover from the heartbreak of being unconsciously spurned by your soulmate, and he had realised how much he missed Dorian’s friendship, whether or not it came with anything more. The summer was a long time to be apart, and he’d realised that having a platonic soulmate was much better than agonising over said soulmate. There was no question in Jehan’s mind about whether or not he and Dorian were soulmates in the first place.

He’d written to Jehan with all the details about the new books he’d found, but something had made him miss out the story around how he had found the bookshop. For some reason, his new, Oliver-filled sanctuary felt like something too private to be shared, especially in a simple letter. He wasn’t sure why, and hadn’t analysed his feelings on the matter, not really thinking that he needed to. Oliver was a friend, a pretty great one at that, and he was probably concerned about Dorian feeling jealous or, even worse, replaced by the fact that Jehan had made a friend that Dorian didn’t know.

However, all his reticence disappeared now that he was here, in the MARS room, with Dorian curled up next to him on the sofa. Things were back to normal and, as normal, Jehan wanted to tell Dorian all about it.

He’d already had a recounting of all of Dorian’s Chinese adventures, and hearing it again in real life had been even better than reading about it in Dorian’s letters. The other boy’s enthusiasm was so endearing, and Jehan loved watching Dorian as he excitedly retold his stories.

He’d shown Dorian the new books he’d brought back with him (presents from the bookseller), and his friend’s reaction had been suitably excited at the new hoard of treasures. Jehan grinned as how his friend’s feelings mirrored his. They were so alike, and he was so lucky.

“So, Dorian,” he said, his smile growing as an idea came to him. “You should come and visit me, and see where I got the books from.” His initial reluctance at sharing his new haven with Dorian was entirely forgotten at the thought of Dorian’s face as he saw the little bookshop, at how much he was sure to love it, just as Jehan did.

“It’s this wonderful little bookshop I found, with books simply everywhere, and there’s everything you could ever want. And Richard – he owns the shop – he’s so friendly, and he recommended so many great books to me, I could get him to recommend some books for you when I go back there! And Mother and Father can’t stop me going there, because they don’t even know about it – really, it must have been fate that made me explore the Muggle world that day, because it’s so fascinating – they’re actually really evolved, did you know? They have these devices that you can read lots of books on, but they’re not as good as real books because they don’t have that smell, you know, the smell of old books, and, oh, Dorian, you have to come there with me, you’d love it.” Jehan hadn’t meant to go on as much as he had, but once he’d started telling Dorian about the bookshop it was hard to stop, until everything came out in a big wave of enthusiasm.

    • Don't know a good thing when it's right in front of meDorian Montoir, Thu Aug 16 11:23
      Dorian had happy little butterflies in his stomach as he turned the handle to the MARS music room, knowing exactly how he would find it. This was the moment that truly marked being back at Sonora.... more
      • Starting to doubtJehan, Thu Aug 16 11:56
        Jehan was enjoying a happy little daydream of him and Dorian at the bookshop, of sharing his new world with his best friend, when suddenly such thoughts were shattered. “We are not supposed to go-... more
        • Jehan moved away from him. His tone was flat and… and not like Jehan. They were still squeezed into the end two thirds of the couch, and it was impossible for them to become completed separated, so... more
          • But what is death, really?Jehan, Sun Aug 19 12:17
            Jehan’s reply had been the honest truth but, no matter how confused and concerned Dorian had made him feel, he hadn’t meant to make Dorian sad. And yet he had. It seemed that every time Jehan... more
            • Mortal bodies, timeless soulsDorian, Mon Aug 20 08:27
              Dorian just wanted Jehan to be Jehan again. Not this prickly, hostile creature who sat at the end of the couch and barely spoke. The talk of electricity had started to melt that down a little. Jehan... more
              • With you, everything is timelessJehan, Mon Aug 20 09:42
                Dorian’s agreement to the statement about risks in both worlds confused Jehan slightly. He was thrown a little off-kilter in the way that one always is when, expecting a rebuttal, one’s opponent... more
                • "Right, sorry," Dorian nodded, when Jehan told him off for apologising. It was reflexive enough that he didn't even notice the irony of apologising for apologising, or even really that he had done it ... more
                  • With you?Jehan, Thu Aug 23 11:44
                    As Dorian explained why his initial reaction had not been as feared, Jehan realised quite how silly he’d been. Of course Dorian wasn’t like the others. Dorian knew what it was like to be different,... more
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