With you, everything is timeless
Mon Aug 20, 2018 09:42

Dorian’s agreement to the statement about risks in both worlds confused Jehan slightly. He was thrown a little off-kilter in the way that one always is when, expecting a rebuttal, one’s opponent instead concurs and thus changes the argument into an agreement. This, combined with Dorian being upset, took away a lot of Jehan’s irritation at Dorian’s response and at the world in general.

And then Dorian was running a hand through Jehan’s hair, and he knew everything was okay between them again, that this had all been a simple misunderstanding, and they were Jehan-and-Dorian once more.

“Don’t apologise for crying,” replied Jehan, not wanting his best friend to feel the need to hide any emotion from him. “I just don’t like seeing you sad.”

And then Dorian apologised again, and this time it was both unnecessary but also much appreciated, in that it cleared up their previous misunderstanding. “I thought you just didn’t like the Muggle world, like…like my parents, and other people, and it’s not fair, they shouldn’t just judge other people without any evidence, just because they’re different.” Jehan could have gone on at length about the injustices dealt to the Muggle world by the Wizarding world, but that wasn’t the problem here, so he let it go, and relaxed further with the full realisation that he’d got the conversation wrong and that Dorian hadn’t been against the Muggle world on principle, just concerned for Jehan’s safety.

That was a comforting thought, and Jehan smiled at Dorian, a sweet smile that tried to contain a lot of feelings – Jehan was feeling a lot of things right now, because Dorian was so caring and so close and something about Dorian being there and holding him and worrying about him made his tummy feel a little weird, in a good way, and he had the sudden urge to lean forward and press his lips to Dorian’s, to get even closer to the other boy – but then also his brain brought up a reminder of summer days and Oliver’s face, and Jehan didn’t know quite what to make of that, but then Dorian changed the topic and the moment was very definitely over anyway. If it had even been a moment in the first place, and not another of those one-sided things Jehan kept having over Dorian, even though he’d told himself that he was over the other boy.

Jehan looked down after Dorian asked the question, not sure what to answer. It wasn’t something he’d pondered at length, having always accepted that his parents were who they were, and rather irrelevant at that. He preferred to talk about other things to Dorian, especially because he knew Dorian didn’t like talking about home and about Matthieu.

“It’s not bad,” he replied, shrugging, because to be bad something had to have the potential to be better, right? “It’s just…not home. But Victor’s there, so it’s ok.” Visiting Dorian’s house had given him a different viewpoint of the word ‘home’, as had seeing Richard’s relationship with Oliver. Jehan’s relationship with his parents wasn’t like that, and that was just a fact, and home for him didn’t mean the same as it did for some other people. He wasn’t looking for pity, just stating a fact, and his feelings about home were muddled by the presence of Victor. Yes, it definitely wasn’t bad, because nowhere could be bad if Victor was there.

  • Mortal bodies, timeless soulsDorian, Mon Aug 20 08:27
    Dorian just wanted Jehan to be Jehan again. Not this prickly, hostile creature who sat at the end of the couch and barely spoke. The talk of electricity had started to melt that down a little. Jehan... more
    • With you, everything is timeless — Jehan, Mon Aug 20 09:42
      • "Right, sorry," Dorian nodded, when Jehan told him off for apologising. It was reflexive enough that he didn't even notice the irony of apologising for apologising, or even really that he had done it ... more
        • With you?Jehan, Thu Aug 23 11:44
          As Dorian explained why his initial reaction had not been as feared, Jehan realised quite how silly he’d been. Of course Dorian wasn’t like the others. Dorian knew what it was like to be different,... more
          • Goodbye to safe and soundDorian, Fri Aug 24 08:47
            “Of course,” Dorian answered when Jehan asked whether he meant it. And then Jehan seemed to hesitate too, and Dorian trusted that his friend was merely pulling together some important thought and... more
            • We'll be fireproofJehan, Wed Aug 29 06:14
              Dorian’s first response had confirmed that he had meant what he had said, but upon further questioning Dorian had started to look a little embarrassed, and with a strange sort of calmness, the... more
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                • White noise in my mind, won't calm downDorian, Thu Aug 30 10:08
                  “No, of course not. Bienvenue,” Dorian smiled. Normally he was a terrible liar but certain social niceties were so drilled in that he thought he could have carried them off under any circumstances.... more
                  • I've been a foolJehan, Thu Aug 30 14:58
                    Jehan didn’t understand. He took back his earlier soliloquy on having finally reached an understanding on what was going on between him and Dorian, because his previous thoughts did not fit in with... more
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