Jozua Sparks
Dueling Club!
Wed Oct 24, 2018 18:21

Jozua stood in the center of the MARS sports room. It closely resembled a smaller version of the Dueling Arena in Aladren, Oregon, with four dueling strips lined up in a two by two rectangle in the middle, and surrounded on all sides by spectator seats. He used a hand to wave toward the wall farthest from the door and all the chairs on that side disappeared, clearing a space for the dueling club members to line up for drills.

The door opened and he turned to smile in greeting to the new arrival. “Good afternoon, Professor,” he said cheerfully to Tabitha Hawthorne. “Just getting the room set up.” He looked around and the space looked functional and presentable for their needs. “I think we’re good now.”

He moved to stand next to her, and was mildly surprised to see they were nearly the same height now. She had seemed really tall standing next to Professor Nash when she was first introduced as the new DADA professor. Had he actually grown that much over midterm or was he just now noticing what had gradually occurred over the last few months?

“Since this is our first meeting since December, I thought we’d do a few more extra drills to get back in practice then just let everyone split up for some open bouts. You want to ref the beginners or the experienced duelers today?” he asked, letting her have her pick as he’d be happy to be the referee for whichever group she didn’t pick.

Both sets had their advantages and disadvantages, and Jozua had no preference between them. Beginners were usually easier to ref, as they didn’t have a lot of tricks up their sleeve yet, but whoever was with them would need to offer advice and assistance to help them improve. The experienced duelists were more interesting to watch and didn’t need much help, but as a referee, you needed to be paying close attention to follow what was happening and be ready to make tight calls on who earned a point or whether a foul had occurred.

She decided to take the beginners so she could work on improving their form. With that settled, they discussed what spells the youngest duelists should be able to handle by now, then chatted casually as they usually did between when the preparations were done and when the other duelists began to arrive. Sometimes they talked about dueling, sometimes about the recent Advanced DADA topics Jozua was learning about, and occasionally even details about their personal lives, which could range anywhere from Jozua’s interest in studying Curse Breaking as a career to their shared dislike of sushi (because seriously, who thought eating raw fish eggs was a good idea?). Soon enough though, the other Dueling club members began to arrive.

“Do some stretches, then line up along the back wall,” Jozua instructed. Once it seemed everyone had arrived, he led them through some foot work drills, some defensive blocks and dodges, and finally finished up with some offensive spell practice. There was something dangerously beautiful about a whole wall of students casting Petrificus Totalus together in unison.

After about thirty minutes of drilling these basics - twice as long as they normally took for it - Jozua clapped his hands together, “Okay, folks, that enough drills for today. Line up for bouts. Beginners on this piste, Intermediates and up on that one.” He pointed out which two dueling strips they’d be using. “The other two strips can be used for practice, if you want to work on improving your spells some more.” Each strip was conveniently equipped with wards that would keep magic safely contained without endangering anybody standing nearby. At his directed thought, MARS magic provided target dummies on the two practice strips so the students could work on their aim as well as their casting. The dummy on the strip beside the Beginners’ piste was stationary, but the other one moved around, providing the challenge of a dodging opponent.

Jozua took his place as the experienced duelist referee and beckoned the two nearest older students to take positions on the piste. “Salute,” he instructed, then continued after they had done so, “On guard.” He waited for them turn their backs on each other and stride out to their starting positions, then take up dueling stances. “On the count of three, begin. One. Two. Three!”

OOC: Welcome to Dueling club! Your post can be a duel with another student (1st and 2nd years are being directed by Professor Hawthorne, and 3rd and up are dueling with Jozua as their referee), practice against a dummy, or just chatting with another student while you wait for your turn to duel. Professor Hawthorne’s actions and presence were approved by her author.

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      Being a Prefect kept Lily surprisingly busy, and she was rushing to the MARS sports room to make it on time for the Duelling Club. She had been a faithful member since its conception. There was... more
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