Professor Hawthorne
Let's cause mayhem, Intermediates.
Sat Nov 10, 2018 20:14

Tabitha had warned her Intermediate class at the end of their previous session that today’s lesson would be taking place in one of the MARS rooms and she also left a reminder notice on her classroom door for those few who would undoubtedly forget. It was in the lobby area of MARS that she stood, waiting for her students and the door behind her would lead into the temporary classroom that she had set up for the occasion. She was a little early, having made sure that she’d had plenty of time to organise the room and be prepared for the day’s lesson.

Her thoughts turned, as they often did, to Mary and one corner of her lips twitched upwards into a slight smirk. Mary Brooding, a woman of surprises. Tabitha had not forgotten the heart-stopping moment in the Mirage Chamber that Mary’s well-aimed Full Body-Bind spell had very nearly hit the Defence professor. While Tabitha had known that Mary was a proficient and talented witch, having brains to go with her beauty, she had perhaps underestimated her. It had been a mistake which had cost her the duel and Tabitha had been spending a lot of time working out and practicing, using the things that she’d learned from their duel to improve and become better.

She’d been attempting to strengthen her senses, particularly when she had to make do without one of them. She’d started with sound, challenging herself to battle beasts and wizards in the Mirage Chamber in complete silence. It was incredibly disconcerting and had caused her to land on her backside more than once and, in a real life situation, cause her to be injured. Doing without sight was even harder, forcing her to strain her ears for every tiny sound and making her unsteady on her feet. It was hard and at times, frustrating but Tabitha had to admit that she was enjoying the challenge. It gave her somewhere to put all her energy and made her less itchy about staying at Sonora.

Her duel with Mary had also given her an idea for today’s lesson. She was going to have to duel with the woman more often.

She blinked and looked up as the door to the lobby opened and she smiled as she saw her Intermediate class beginning to file into the room. It was early in the morning and a few students were stifling yawns and still looking very much like they’d rather be in bed. Admittedly, Tabitha felt very much the same but being a teacher came with things like sacrificing sleep to teach first thing on a Monday morning. Maybe she could barter with Selina over the class times…

“Good morning, class,” she greeted, with a smile. “I know it’s early and some of you will barely be processing that you’re in DADA but I do have a lesson that is definitely going to wake you up. Please leave everything here in the lobby except for your wands.”

Her smile became an excited grin as she spoke and, once everybody was ready, she turned and opened the door to their temporary classroom for the lesson.

The room behind the door was very big, much bigger than Tabitha’s classroom, but it was mostly empty with the exception of four stone statues in each corner of the room, one dedicated to every House in Sonora - a hawk for Aladren, a prairie dog for Teppenpaw, a rattlesnake for Crotalus and a wild boar for Pecari. In the centre of the room, there was a chalkboard for Tabitha to write on and, as it was also on wheels, it could easily be pushed out of the way once the practical of the lesson started. Tabitha moved to it and beckoned her class to follow her and gather round.

“Okay, we are here in MARS today more for safety than anything else as today, I will be teaching you the Reductor Curse, which each of you will be using on the statues around the room. You can make your own choice as to which statue you practice on but I would like each group to be more or less equal - no crowding of one statue, please.”

The fact that each statue represented a different house actually had no bearing on the lesson that Tabitha was going to teach. She just hadn’t been sure what else to use. She just hoped that this wasn’t going to inflame any house rivalries.

“So, the Reductor Curse is, in theory, a relatively simple spell to cast. The difficulty comes in controlling it. You use too little power, you’ll barely make a chip in stone. Use too much and you’ll reduce it to nothing. If you don’t concentrate, you can also end up casting the spell on the wrong object. If you get it right, however, it can mean the difference between living and dying. From personal experience, I have found it to be extremely useful and it is a very good spell to have under your belt.”

She flicked her wand in the direction of the chalk and it obediently rose to write on the board behind her.

“So, why is the Reductor Curse so useful? Well, it is excellent to use to create a distraction, cause a diversion. For example, you can aim it at a wall and bring it down. Not only does it cause the potential to knock your opponent out with flying debris, the dust alone will obscure their vision for you to move to another and better location to continue your assault. You can take your opponent by surprise with it, creating extra precious seconds to think of your next spell. It buys time.”

The words ‘distraction’, ‘diversion’ and ‘buys time’ were all underlined by the chalk on the board. Tabitha turned and moved towards Crotalus’ statue, her wand raised and ready. “Your incantation for the spell is Reducto and you move your wand in a sideways ‘v’ shape to the right.”

She performed the spell then, speaking sharply and her movement fast. An electric blue light shot from the end of her wand and hit the snake statue squarely in the middle. It instantly exploded into chunks of stone, unrecognisable as the statue it once was and leaving only the base it had been sitting on. For a moment, nothing further happened. Then, the pieces began to crawl towards each other and reassemble themselves, returning the statue to its previous state. Tabitha turned back to her class.

“Once the statue has been destroyed, it’ll reassemble itself for the next person. Make sure that those of you who are not casting the spell, stand well clear. I would like to avoid sending anybody to the infirmary. There is to be no messing around and I would like everybody to be aware and stay focused. When you’re ready, you may begin.”

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    • Re: Let's cause mayhem, Intermediates.Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Sun Dec 16 18:25
      Defense Against the Dark Arts was a really awesome class and Natalie couldn't help but be excited about the fact that they were having it in MARS instead of the Defense classroom. Even though it was... more
    • Take that!Emerald Brockert, Aladren, Tue Dec 4 22:55
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      • Yaun-ti as well?Gary Harper, Aladren, Sat Dec 8 00:03
        As usual, Gary had arrived early for class. It was a good thing to, because he had forgotten all about meeting up at MARS today. After seeing the reminding note, he 'raced' (as much as you could call ... more
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      • Not as weak as I lookDorian, Fri Nov 30 09:24
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        • You look just fine to me, medvedozhnok.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Fri Nov 30 16:57
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