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Navigating the cliffhanger.
Wed Nov 28, 2018 19:33

Katya had read about American notions of propriety, and so her immediate thought about Sylvia Mordue’s invitation had been that they and the concept of sisterliness did not go together well. When she thought of sisters, it all involved pillow fights and snowball fights and laughing and squabbling and so forth which seemed vitally absent from the lives of ‘proper’ American witches.

This meant one of three things:

1. Katya was misinformed about Americans.

2. Sylvia Mordue was using some subtlety of English Katya didn’t know.

3. Sylvia Mordue was actually forming something like a club or charity board.

Overall, she thought some combination of the latter two possibilities was the most likely. Anton Petrovich and Nadezhda had both lived among Americans and had both warned her that they smiled and smiled all the time, but were actually usually somewhere on an emotional spectrum which began with ‘miserable’ and ended with ‘dead inside.’ This aligned with the impression Katya had of them from most of her reading, though admittedly not with the English language fiction.

She trusted non-fiction more than fiction, but still decided to accept the invitation. For one thing, Miss Mordue had accepted hers, so it was only polite. For another, she was curious what this was about, and pleased with the idea of being considered proper enough to be invited by an American girl.

“Thank you,” she said, enunciating carefully, when Sylvia greeted her. “I was honored by invitation.”

Katya took her seat with the others and agonized over the thought that she might have forgotten some detail of how to take tea or coffee in English fashion. If she did, however, no-one said anything, and no-one else seemed to be doing anything significantly different than what she was doing, so she was tentatively confident that she had gotten it right as Sylvia began explaining what this was.

Not a club, then. Not a charity either, as far as Katya could tell - she had not mentioned benefiting anyone. Actually, it sounded to Katya more like Sylvia was trying to put together a faction - a sort of court. With herself presumably the princess at its center...that would make Caitlin likely the next most important. Allegra was also already part of the club, which meant that Topaz, as her relative, would most likely be more important than Katya, who would therefore be at the bottom...but still, apparently, above what Sylvia thought of Lyssa and Topaz’s roommates and the Pecari girl….

“Thank you for me inviting,” said Katya with an American smile, not sure if she was supposed to volunteer information about herself or just fawn over Sylvia generally or...what. “It is nice to talk out of class, and this room is very beautiful."

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    • Navigating the cliffhanger. — Katerina Vorontsov, Wed Nov 28 19:33
      • You. Are. Doing. Very. Well. Sylvia Mordue, Fri Nov 30 06:59
        “Good. I am glad you felt honored by the invitation,” Sylvia said, continuing to smile. The pace of her voice had slowed significantly to address Katerina and there was a slight increase in the... more
        • Thank. You. Very. Much.Katerina, Fri Nov 30 20:15
          Katya was surprised that her earrings were the thing about her appearance Sylvia found particularly pretty - they were, after all, simple studs, quite small and plain outside of their natural light... more
          • You're welcomeAllegra Brockert, Wed Dec 5 01:28
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              • Here's oneCaitlin Pierce, Mon Dec 10 03:45
                Caitlin thought that Sylvia's idea for starting an organization for proper pureblood girls was a wonderful one and something she was proud to be a charter member of as well as most likely second in... more
                • Objection, Your Honor.Katerina, Mon Dec 10 19:20
                  Katerina deemed it better to be quiet and listen as Sylvia described the purpose of her organization - to mark them out as proper young ladies. This, at least, was something Katya understood. At... more
                  • UpheldSylvia Mordue, Tue Dec 11 08:26
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                      Caitlin was really glad she had plenty of practice over the years at suppressing her true emotions. First Katerina got all offended on her sister's behalf and then Sylvia backed up the Teppenpaw... more
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