Simon Mordue, Crotalus
Demolishing Pecari('s statue).
Wed Nov 28, 2018 22:53

There had been coffee at breakfast, and it had even been fairly decent coffee, but Simon’s green eyes were still shadowed, lids heavier than usual (or at least his pre-fifth-year usual), as he trudged into Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Last year, he thought wistfully, had been paradise, though he had not realized it at the time. Last year, he had started noticing it was harder to wake up in the morning, but he had been able to crash on weekends and catch up enough on his sleep. This year, however, was different. Weekends were times for catching up on homework, not sleep; the major exception was when they were times for frantically cramming in homework around traveling for Quidditch. Even when he did get caught up on homework and Quidditch, though, and gave up on his CATS review book and went to bed instead, he still felt tired and, of all things, grubby most of the time. He felt most like himself when training or in the shower, but those were comparatively small fragments of his time. Often, it was like he had an energy-sucking parasite attached to him.

It was frustrating. He had never been the most energetic of people, to his shame, but he thought he was getting worse. He kept it to himself, though, unable to imagine anyone in his family expressing sympathy for such a problem. If anything, he’d get a lecture on how idleness was a horrid character flaw, complete with obligatory not-quite-references to his not-quite-uncle and how said not-quite-uncle had disgraced the family….

”...definitely going to wake you up.”

This should have been good news. In many contexts, Simon supposed it would have been. A context involving Professor Hawthorne was not such a context. A context where Professor Hawthorne was grinning seemed cause to bolt from the room at once.

Instead, he followed her obediently into a room, which...did not look alarming. This should have been a relief, but remembering the fact that Professor Hawthorne had grinned kept Simon from relaxing much - even once she had explained the lesson and failed to mention the part that was definitely going to wake him up. He knew there was something wrong with one of her statements, something he didn’t understand why she’d said it, but he really had not slept well the night before and it was eluding him. He rubbed his temple and tried to figure out which statue was least politically problematic to blow up, and also most satisfying, and also thinking that if he ever had to blow something other than the other person up in a duel, it would either be to block an entrance to stop someone chasing him or to send a cascade of heavy stone down onto that person’s head to crush them. Recreational dueling was not something he really understood, any more than, deep down, he understood why Bludgers were in Quidditch. There was nothing much fun in his mind about pain. Pain was bad and to be avoided.

He frowned when Professor Hawthorne blew up the Crotalus statue, made a guess as to which House she would be in, and decided it was probably Pecari and that Pecari’s statue was also the least politically problematic anyway, which worked out beautifully, if he did say so himself. He had to suppress a laugh when she said she wanted them alert, though. If wishes were fishes, the whole world would stink. A lot. Simon wanted to be alert, or else unconscious, but that wasn’t really how it worked, was it?

He trudged toward the Pecari statue, suppressing a yawn, and to his surprise reached it first. Well, then. He could get this over with and then stand around, an expression of bland attentiveness on his face while his mind was a peaceful, barely-awake blank, for the rest of class. He was pleased with himself for this. Seeing another student threatening the plan, however, he said, “I would like to go first,” in his best imitation of his father’s most commanding tone.

Having an audience did, at least, make him a bit more alert. Blinking, he focused on the statue. So he was to turn it to rubble. Smash it like a Bludger. A very big Bludger. That was an idea. Pretend he was hitting a Bludger at a Pecari, even.

Reducto!,” he said sharply, moving his wand as indicated.

The bottom of the statue did not react in the slightest, but about half the head exploded with more violence than he had expected; he only just ducked fast enough to avoid shrapnel. And then, as his heart also behaved with more violence than usual in his chest, it occurred to him what he had forgotten.

“Shield Charms,” he said, a touch breathlessly, to nobody in particular as the statue began to reassemble.

  • Let's cause mayhem, Intermediates.Professor Hawthorne, Sat Nov 10 20:14
    Tabitha had warned her Intermediate class at the end of their previous session that today’s lesson would be taking place in one of the MARS rooms and she also left a reminder notice on her classroom... more
    • IndecisiveConnor Priory,Crotalus, Tue Dec 18 18:02
      Connor entered MARS and listened as Professor Hawthorne mentioned that this lesson was something that was going to wake them up. Which sounded kind of ominous to him. He personally was awake already... more
    • Re: Let's cause mayhem, Intermediates.Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Sun Dec 16 18:25
      Defense Against the Dark Arts was a really awesome class and Natalie couldn't help but be excited about the fact that they were having it in MARS instead of the Defense classroom. Even though it was... more
    • Take that!Emerald Brockert, Aladren, Tue Dec 4 22:55
      Emerald was still taking into consideration which classes she wanted to continue after CATS. She wasn't at all worried that she wasn't going to make adequate grades to continue in a particular... more
    • I hate snakesJasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Fri Nov 30 23:29
      On the whole, Jasmine loved being a Crotalus and had no arguments against her sorting. She knew she would never survive as an Aladren. She liked the idea of Teppenpaw, but couldn't really see herself ... more
      • Yaun-ti as well?Gary Harper, Aladren, Sat Dec 8 00:03
        As usual, Gary had arrived early for class. It was a good thing to, because he had forgotten all about meeting up at MARS today. After seeing the reminding note, he 'raced' (as much as you could call ... more
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      Winston, ever since the Cleo Revelation, had not much cared for DADA. Not that Cleo being a veela had anything to do with it. Rather, That Teppenpaw did, and more importantly, the professor's... more
    • Demolishing Pecari('s statue). — Simon Mordue, Crotalus, Wed Nov 28 22:53
      • Not as weak as I lookDorian, Fri Nov 30 09:24
        Dorian was not sure what to make of the fact they were going to MARS for Defence class. He was fairly sure that the rooms had certain limitations on them and could not call forth anything... more
        • You look just fine to me, medvedozhnok.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Fri Nov 30 16:57
          Mornings were not things Tatiana found particularly vexing, as a rule. At home, after all, the only reason one was allowed to take a lie-in was if one happened to be ill; short of verifiable illness, ... more
          • And yet, someone has a problem...Dorian, Fri Nov 30 21:48
            Dorian was not quite convinced that not being pretty was a fair reason to attack something, but he supposed it was a good enough reason if asked to justify their choice for this class. He had had no... more
            • I'd say it's you two.Simon Mordue, Sat Dec 1 21:01
              If he ever had a girlfriend, Simon through grumpily, he would tell her not to make so much noise in public. Or rather, would not acquire one tasteless enough to do so in the first place. Montoir and... more
              • Simon was saying friendly enough words, on the surface of it. But he did not seem friendly whilst saying them. His words also felt rude because it felt a little bit like he was speaking as if Tatya... more
                • Tatiana also votes against it.Tatiana and Simon, Mon Dec 3 09:25
                  Tatiana was surprised when Dorian suddenly spoke to the Crotalus boy, and for a moment looked at him, not sure what to say about or how to react to this. Dorian never ignored her. Dorian listened... more
                  • Looks like it is two against oneDorian, Tue Dec 4 20:20
                    Do you want to go to Teppenpaw? Subtext: I am uncomfortable here and wish to leave. Tatya, of course, had repeatedly demonstrated that she was thoroughly immune to such nuances - whether by virtue if ... more
                    • So it seems.Simon and Tatiana , Wed Dec 5 20:25
                      Simon was surprised by the level of pushback from the pair. “Privately certainly,” said Simon, thinking fast. “But it’s distracting to everyone else when she’s jabbering out that loudly in class and... more
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