Not as weak as I look
Fri Nov 30, 2018 09:24

Dorian was not sure what to make of the fact they were going to MARS for Defence class. He was fairly sure that the rooms had certain limitations on them and could not call forth anything particularly dangerous - that sort of thing was what the Mirage Chamber was for. Therefore, there was a limit to the danger the room itself could throw at them, but it did not necessarily follow that there was limited danger, as there was still what Professor Hawthorne could throw at them, or incite them to throw at each other. By this point, the range of offensive spells they (as a collective whole, including the fifth years) knew was wide ranging and contained plenty to be wary about. His best guess was that she was going to pit them against each other in some kind of game requiring stealth and use of the environment. Her promise that they would be sure to be awake by the end of it did little to reassure him, and nor did the opening of the sports room door onto four statues representing their houses. He was sure they were in for some kind of team game, and the combination of painful curses with competitive sports was ticking a lot of boxes in making this his personal idea of hell. He also did not relish competing with his friends in general, nor the fact that he was pretty sure that Teppenpaw was going to be at a collective disadvantage given that it was the cuddly house. He had never been sorry about not sharing classes with Jozua, the scary captain of the duelling club, but Dorian had to admit that right now it would have been extremely handy to have him here. The best he could say for team Teppenpaw was that Kir was disturbingly tall, though he was also fairly skinny so maybe not a super effective human shield, and not infrequently wearing nail varnish so possibly not all that tough. Although perhaps that spoke to having enough strength to get away with said act without worrying about the consequences… Perhaps in a fight between Winston and Kir, his money would be on the Teppenpaw. In a fight between him and Tatya though…

He was therefore surprised, and relieved beyond belief, when Professor Hawthorne explained they would simply be blowing things up and that she was allowing them more space to do so. He wasn’t quite sure why they had house statues rather than anonymous plinths. He felt mildly pained about blowing up anything with a face, even if it was stone. The fact that it would immediately put itself back together helped a little though. He also thought it was rather impolitic that they would be destroying each other’s house symbols. He certainly was not sure which to pick. He felt guiltiest at the thought of turning his wand on Teppenpaw’s own friendly little prairie dog - it was also easily the cutest and thus the hardest to want to hurt. Aladren’s mascot wasn’t exactly cute, but it was Aladren’s and he felt almost as fond of that house as his own, given that he felt he easily could have ended up there, and it was Jehan’s. He did not feel particularly sentimental towards Pecari, but he did towards Tatya. That left Crotalus. He had no firm allegiances there, and thus it was the one he felt least personally conflicted by attacking. However, Crotalus had a reputation for being the stronghold of society values. It seemed like the boldest political statement to charge in and blow it up. Maybe that was just his paranoia, his knowledge of how little he valued the established order - something that only Jehan knew anything about - and perhaps no one else would read a thing into it, except for the fact that he didn’t have any particular friends there. But he definitely did not want enemies from that house. The fact it was Victor Callahan’s house, and that the fifth year boys were all heirs, made it an intimidating prospect.

He decided to find Tatya, as it had been some time since they had worked together. Strictly speaking, this was not a pairs class, but there was no reason not to be somewhat sociable. And then he could also force the decision onto her.

“Nǐhǎo, shénqí shēngqì,” he greeted her with a little smile. The nickname had arisen due to her mixing up the words, but was one he used rarely, seeing as he thought calling Tatya ‘magical angry’ too often might encourage her to be so. However, it felt far too fitting to let go entirely. “Today’s lesson suits you, I think. Which statue you wish to attack?” he asked. Tatya seemed to have no particularly strong feelings, but did not seemed disinclined to attack her own house emblem when he floated the possibility, and so they made their way over to the Pecari statue, where Simon Mordue seemed to be stepping up first.

“Excuse me whilst I channel my rage,” Dorian whispered to Tatya whilst they waited, a small smile playing across his lips as he did so. Because it was a joke. Because he was Dorian, the sweet and cuddly Teppenpaw, and he was sure Tatya could not imagine him having much of that emotion. Admittedly, she had seen him get angry, which was more than many people had - the case in question being when Professor Wright had wrongly accused her of cheating and Dorian had done what any proper brother would do, and gone and Sorted It Out. Well… had tried. Professor Wright had not really budged on the issue, although either the fact it had been accidental magic coming to light or the fact that Professor Wright himself had got sick had spared Tatya being punished for the incident.

He closed his eyes, trying to find the right emotions to channel into the spell. Emotions were a tricky thing when it came to magic, and were both Dorian’s strength and his weakness. On the one hand, spells often thrived on emotion - there were some, like the patronus charm, which required you to be able to tap into a strong emotion, one that was in complete contrast to what you were most likely to be feeling when you needed it. Dorian went through life really feeling things, allowing his emotions free range, and thus he had plenty to tap into when he needed them, and a strong awareness of how each one felt, and what triggered it. However, magic required emotional control - it required one’s range of emotions to be present, ready at one’s fingertips, whilst the person in question remained master. Dorian was frequently at the mercy of his emotions, they could often be seen, barely contained, rippling under the surface. When he was sad, it weighed him down like lead, and his spell casting was lacklustre. When he was jubilant or excited, he sometimes overdid things. His spells were often fuelled by his emotions but without him having sufficient control.

Today, he felt, might be an exception, though. He had plenty of anger, plenty of frustration, to tap into, but he was not really feeling it right now. It was an example of a time he could use his emotions properly, draw on them, rather than letting them run away with him. It was also a rare chance for him to do well with an offensive spell, seeing as they were targeting a lump of stone (he kept trying to think of it in such terms, rather than thinking about the animal or the house it represented). He exclusively paired with his friends in most classes, and absolutely stuck to this as a rule in Defence, unless forced not to by some particular direction, such as mixing year groups. But there were enough times when they were on display that he felt people must be forming an overall impression of him by now. And, if they were judging him on his offensive spell casting, other people were pretty quickly going to pick up the idea that he was weak. Heck, they would probably form that opinion without watching him in class, just from his stature, his Teppenpaw badge and… well, just… all of him. He did not want people thinking he was weak. That, in itself, was enough reason in some people’s books to prey on him. He also couldn’t help but feel he was in for a lifetime of having to fight his corner, and the fewer people who thought he was going to be easy to beat down the better.

He waited for his turn at the statue, trying to feel every bad thing that had been done to him. It started with the mild irritation of the casual racism. The way people generalised using the term ‘white people,’ or made comments about ‘outsiders’ in his presence. Up to those who noticed the difference and made accidental missteps - ‘nice tan.’ To the outright hostility. The anti-immigration types, the ones who made fun of his family’s differences. On top of that there was Matthieu. Every snide and spiteful thing his brother had said. Every kick, every punch, every friction burn. The unfairness of all of it. That was the resounding thing that still caused him the most anger and the most pain. It should not have been like this, and yet the universe had decided that all of this had to happen to him.

He stepped up to the statue. He did not quite imagine his brother there. He did not wish to inflict this kind of violence, even on Matthieu. It would make him as bad as his brother. But he felt him, at his shoulder. Imagined him looking on, ready to mock Dorian for his weakness.

“Reducto!” he cast. The head of the statue burst open, a large crater blown out of the middle, the pieces flying far and wide. For a third year, and one who had only just exceeded the dizzying heights of five feet tall, it was an impressively large blast. Dorian squared his shoulders, walking to the back of the line and hoping that sent a clear signal to anyone who was considering it that he might not be quite so weak as he looked.

OOC - Tatya’s agreement to work at Pecari approved by her author.

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