Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari
You look just fine to me, medvedozhnok.
Fri Nov 30, 2018 16:57

Mornings were not things Tatiana found particularly vexing, as a rule. At home, after all, the only reason one was allowed to take a lie-in was if one happened to be ill; short of verifiable illness, she was expected to be up by seven every morning at home, to get dressed and then help her sisters and Nadezhda tidy the Girls’ Rooms and then report to breakfast with Papa before going off to begin her lessons for the day. In the winter, Nadezhda generally brought them each a glass of tea to aid the getting up process, but this was the extent of the indulgences Tatiana was accustomed to being accorded. In winter she missed the glass of tea, but since Sonora was always much warmer than her bedroom at home even at its coldest, she could not truly complain about the need to walk to the Cascade Hall to get one - or the closest approximation possible here, anyway.

Professor Hawthorne, however, was not a subject to bring a smile to her face. Dorian had somewhat softened her attitude toward the professor, but still - perhaps babbling that boys could turn into girls if they wanted and girls could turn into boys if they wanted was fractionally less stupid than babbling that Tatiana and Dorian ought to be other than they were simply because they happened to be a girl and a boy, but to her mind it still quite missed the point and also didn’t excuse all the babbling full of words that weren’t in the dictionary which had preceded that one bit Tatiana had processed more or less correctly. Wariness was about as friendly as she got where this class was concerned, and as a consequence, she looked about as grim as the sleepy people as they gathered outside MARS.

Reducto. Tatiana found this one easy to remember, as the Latin word sounded like an English word. Neither was a Russian word, or even close to a Russian word, but making the link helped just the same, which made her sometimes wonder if she was starting to feel comfortable in English. At about the point she wondered this, however, she would somehow catch sight of Kir McLeod, think unkind things in Russian, and realize she was not….

She turned her eyes back to the professor. Focus.

A smile did appear at one of Dorian’s nicknames for her, though. “Privet, Dorya,” she said. His question was difficult, though. He was a Teppenpaw, and it just felt wrong to think of attacking their mascot, and the Crotali, except Jasmine, seemed to her mainly a clump of Teppenpaws who didn’t talk much…. ”Aladren or my,” she said. “I do not like mine - eto nekrasivyi.” Not pretty was putting it perhaps mildly, but it was objectively, she thought, true to most non-pig-things.

A Crotalus boy must not have liked it much, either, based on his tone when informing Dorian and Tatiana he was going first. Tatiana made a face at his back and bit the inside of her mouth, thinking Dorian might not like it if she laughed at the spectacle, when he nearly got hit in the head with shrapnel.

“Ty idi, velikii voin,” teased Tatiana after Dorian asked to be excused in order to channel his rage. It was hard to imagine Dorya feeling real rage; he got angry because he was a human person, but rage? This seemed out character. To her mild surprise, though, he took a considerable chunk of the statue out in one go - and without nearly hitting himself in the head, either.

“Ochen’ khorosho!” she exclaimed, clapping and beaming proudly at him.

She took her turn, hitting the boar square in the chest because she remembered Papa once saying this was a good idea if any of them ever found themselves being rushed by a dangerous animal they could not get away from quickly enough, and then followed Dorian back to the end of the line.

“You do good,” she repeated, in the broken English she still lapsed into easily with him. She struggled more with her grammar talking to other people or teachers, but they understood each other well enough. “Khoroshyi i sil’nyi!

She had all but forgotten about the Crotalus boy, and did not notice the unfriendly look he, also near the back of the queue, was giving them.

OOC: Translations:

“Hi, Dorian(made-up diminutive form)”

“It is not pretty.”

“You go, great warrior.”

“Very good!”

“Good and strong!”

In the title, Tatiana refers to Dorian as "little bear," another throwback to the cheating-not-cheating episode. Also, Simon and Tatiana share an author, so no godmodding involved in him being a tiny bit of a snot at the end there.

  • Not as weak as I lookDorian, Fri Nov 30 09:24
    Dorian was not sure what to make of the fact they were going to MARS for Defence class. He was fairly sure that the rooms had certain limitations on them and could not call forth anything... more
    • You look just fine to me, medvedozhnok. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Fri Nov 30 16:57
      • And yet, someone has a problem...Dorian, Fri Nov 30 21:48
        Dorian was not quite convinced that not being pretty was a fair reason to attack something, but he supposed it was a good enough reason if asked to justify their choice for this class. He had had no... more
        • I'd say it's you two.Simon Mordue, Sat Dec 1 21:01
          If he ever had a girlfriend, Simon through grumpily, he would tell her not to make so much noise in public. Or rather, would not acquire one tasteless enough to do so in the first place. Montoir and... more
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            • Tatiana also votes against it.Tatiana and Simon, Mon Dec 3 09:25
              Tatiana was surprised when Dorian suddenly spoke to the Crotalus boy, and for a moment looked at him, not sure what to say about or how to react to this. Dorian never ignored her. Dorian listened... more
              • Looks like it is two against oneDorian, Tue Dec 4 20:20
                Do you want to go to Teppenpaw? Subtext: I am uncomfortable here and wish to leave. Tatya, of course, had repeatedly demonstrated that she was thoroughly immune to such nuances - whether by virtue if ... more
                • So it seems.Simon and Tatiana , Wed Dec 5 20:25
                  Simon was surprised by the level of pushback from the pair. “Privately certainly,” said Simon, thinking fast. “But it’s distracting to everyone else when she’s jabbering out that loudly in class and... more
                  • Voting with our feetDorian, Fri Dec 7 08:34
                    Dorian had been raised in a household that spoke three languages, in varying combinations. He knew a lot about what was considered rude and what was not when deploying them. And he was not going to... more
                    • And being baffled.Tatiana, Mon Dec 10 18:54
                      Tatiana’s bravado lasted a moment longer than Dorian’s after they walked away. Then she turned to her friend, her pale eyes wide with hurt and confusion. “Ya ne ponimayu,” she said. I don’t... more
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