Tatiana Vorontsova
Fri Nov 30, 2018 21:15

Tatiana had never thought of herself as particularly artistic, which meant it had taken a different kind of creativity to fabricate a reason for attending her sister’s attempt to start an art club at Sonora. In the end, it had been the sheer lack of specificity on Katya’s own recruitment poster which had given her what she hoped was a plausible idea.

Finding Jasmine in attendance, she sat down beside her friend with a quick smile, looking around and noting details of the room that reminded her, unexpectedly and a little painfully, of home - specifically, of Mama’s room. The colors were all wrong, the details were all wrong, but the layout was so close to right that she assumed Katya had done it on purpose. Not a bad idea, she supposed - Mama was undeniably an impressive person, as Katya would need to be in order to manage all this - but it made her uncomfortable, this being almost at home, but not quite.

Did she just notice how awkward Katya’s English was tonight because of that, or because she knew Katya well and noticed that she was just a little bit flushed, as she often became when under pressure? Or was it that Tatiana herself was becoming more fluent in English, to notice other people’s mistakes in it?

I have been here three years. I have to be better, when I try.

“I am Tatiana,” she said after Jasmine explained that she could paint and would like to learn how to sculpt. Who would teach her that? Tatiana had always been envious of Katerina’s ability to pick up feminine accomplishments with an apparent ease which defied her sister’s comprehension, but sculpting was not a feminine accomplishment and so Katya didn’t, so far as Tatiana knew, know anything about it except that it existed. “I like to color pictures and photographs - put together colors and shapes together. Like putting together my jewelries.” It was fair. One could make art with fake jewelry, and therefore it counted. “And making groups of photographs together,” she added. It was not really collaging, pasting pictures into an album, and tinting some of them, but it was close enough.

  • Fake it til I make itJasmine, Tue Oct 30 14:55
    Jasmine had been a bit surprised to receive a personal owl inviting her to join the new Art Club Tatiana’s little sister was starting. She wasn’t sure if she merited one due to her friendship with... more
    • Likewise. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Fri Nov 30 21:15
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