And yet, someone has a problem...
Fri Nov 30, 2018 21:48

Dorian was not quite convinced that not being pretty was a fair reason to attack something, but he supposed it was a good enough reason if asked to justify their choice for this class. He had had no particular designs on going first, and gave Simon the polite incline of the head that passed for a bow in class, making a point of stepping back. Dorian caught the look Tatya gave his back and felt a little stab of something like affection and pride.

He didn’t catch all the words Tatya said to him - ‘warrior’ was beyond his vocabulary, but he got that she was encouraging him, perhaps in a somewhat teasing way, and he would worry about the details later.

“Spasibo, Tanushka,” he beamed, as she rejoined him at the back of the queue, full of praise for his attempt. He felt warmed by her obvious pride in him. He struggled, sometimes, to see the good things in himself as strongly as his friends did - he felt, fundamentally, that he was a good person, but he did not always think of himself as special, the way they seemed to. But he had fairly objectively done well with the task, and he was enjoying the credit. He was not quite sure of ‘sil’nyi’ as that was not a frequent adjective, and was about to ask when he glanced up and found his eyes locking onto Simon Mordue’s, who was looking less than pleased.

Dorian’s brain did not begin to bother analysing why Simon Mordue might be evincing a strong dislike for him. It was just conditioned into Dorian to find older boys looking menacingly at him an entirely expected reaction. He had been more surprised not to find himself on the receiving end of much dislike up until this point, much more so than he was surprised to find it now. His brain, instead, worked out how best to deal with the situation. His preference would have been to ignore it entirely, but he had seen that Simon was looking daggers at them, and that did not make it feel safe to turn away. But Dorian did not want to directly call the boy out, or start a fight. And so, there was simply a shift in his body language. Subtle, mostly done subconsciously, through years of practise. Years of holding back, but trying to be ready in case something nasty was about to come his way. His grip on his wand, which had relaxed, tightened slightly, although he did not raise it - that would have been rather too dramatic and aggressive. As Dorian had returned to the end of the line before Tatiana, he was naturally between her and Simon. That was not about to change. He had been side on to both of them, and he turned ever so slightly, so that he had a clearer line of sight on Simon, and so that more of his body was between him and Tatya. Not that Dorian assumed that Tatya was at all the source of the look on Simon’s face. He assumed that he himself was the problem.

“Good morning, Mr. Mordue,” he said with wary politeness, unable to avoid acknowledging him seeing as they had locked eyes.

  • You look just fine to me, medvedozhnok.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Fri Nov 30 16:57
    Mornings were not things Tatiana found particularly vexing, as a rule. At home, after all, the only reason one was allowed to take a lie-in was if one happened to be ill; short of verifiable illness, ... more
    • And yet, someone has a problem... — Dorian, Fri Nov 30 21:48
      • I'd say it's you two.Simon Mordue, Sat Dec 1 21:01
        If he ever had a girlfriend, Simon through grumpily, he would tell her not to make so much noise in public. Or rather, would not acquire one tasteless enough to do so in the first place. Montoir and... more
        • Simon was saying friendly enough words, on the surface of it. But he did not seem friendly whilst saying them. His words also felt rude because it felt a little bit like he was speaking as if Tatya... more
          • Tatiana also votes against it.Tatiana and Simon, Mon Dec 3 09:25
            Tatiana was surprised when Dorian suddenly spoke to the Crotalus boy, and for a moment looked at him, not sure what to say about or how to react to this. Dorian never ignored her. Dorian listened... more
            • Looks like it is two against oneDorian, Tue Dec 4 20:20
              Do you want to go to Teppenpaw? Subtext: I am uncomfortable here and wish to leave. Tatya, of course, had repeatedly demonstrated that she was thoroughly immune to such nuances - whether by virtue if ... more
              • So it seems.Simon and Tatiana , Wed Dec 5 20:25
                Simon was surprised by the level of pushback from the pair. “Privately certainly,” said Simon, thinking fast. “But it’s distracting to everyone else when she’s jabbering out that loudly in class and... more
                • Voting with our feetDorian, Fri Dec 7 08:34
                  Dorian had been raised in a household that spoke three languages, in varying combinations. He knew a lot about what was considered rude and what was not when deploying them. And he was not going to... more
                  • And being baffled.Tatiana, Mon Dec 10 18:54
                    Tatiana’s bravado lasted a moment longer than Dorian’s after they walked away. Then she turned to her friend, her pale eyes wide with hurt and confusion. “Ya ne ponimayu,” she said. I don’t... more
                    • Some people are bafflingDorian, Wed Dec 12 08:45
                      Once they were a suitable distance from Simon, Dorian slowed a little. When Tatya began talked he stopped. He turned gripping her shoulders and making sure she was looking at him properly. “You did... more
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