Winston Pierce, Crotalus
Hitting the Hawk
Fri Nov 30, 2018 21:54

Winston, ever since the Cleo Revelation, had not much cared for DADA. Not that Cleo being a veela had anything to do with it. Rather, That Teppenpaw did, and more importantly, the professor's response to That Teppenpaw's leading questions. Prior to then, he hadn't disliked it. He had, however, never particularly enjoyed it. This was in part because he hadn't much cared for Professor Nash either, but mostly took its root in the fact that it was a very wide ranging subject that he thought probably could be covered just as well by the other subjects. COMC could probably handle the creatures, even if vampires and lethifolds were hardly something anyone would ever want to 'care' for, and the offensive and defensive spells could be folded pretty easily into charms, even if they were nowhere near as harmless as the word 'charms' usually envisioned as a general concept. The two classes would just need to have their names tweaked a bit, and it would be fine.

Of course, that would require restructuring the entire CATS and RATS curriculums, so he didn't see that happening anytime soon. But that didn't stop him from thinking DADA was kind of all of the place; the subject united only in theme and not in what the class actually did. So while he was quite good at most of the spell casting, he lagged a bit in the creature units, which brought down his overall grade into the merely E range.

He was confused about the switch of venue to the MARS room. On the one hand, the syllabus had them firmly in a spell casting unit today, but why would they not be in their regular room for that? On the other hand, the Mirage Chamber was usually the go-to for demonstrating dangerous creatures, and they were going to MARS instead, so he didn't understand the room choice if the syllabus was being ignored in favor of some kind of special demonstration. Though if Professor Hawthorne had brought in a real vampire to the school . . . well, maybe the board would be more on board with firing her over that kind of student endangerment since going on about unnatural proclivities apparently wasn't a termination offense.

It wasn't a vampire. Winston wasn't sure if this was a relief or a disappointment to him.

What he did have, though, was something of a dilemma. Which House symbold did he want to attack? On the one hand, there was The Pecari as a constant thorn in his side at every Quidditch practice, and going after the wild boar might be satisfying as a veiled attack against him. Also, Lily Spencer, also from that House, was a bit irritating, though he found her less so now that they'd been teammates and co-Chasers together for most of the year. The fact that they'd both lost out on Seeker and Captain kind of made him almost sympathetic toward her. Which brought him to the Prairie Dog. Eden had gotten the spot he really wanted on the team and he hadn't entirely forgiven her for that. He didn't normally have violent urges against her though. He did have them against The Teppenpaw, though, so he could envision that guy as he blew up the prairie dog. It wasn't a bad choice, really.

But then there was the Hawk. And while there was a The Aladren in the school, it wasn't her/him/whatever-that-kid-was that would fuel his attack on that House symbol. Partly because he had no personal animosity toward her(?) and it felt a bit unsporting to level that kind of distaste on an eleven year old when he was all but sixteen himself. Mostly, though, it was because there were two other people from that House who he did actually despise on a very personal level.

He found himself lining up against the Hawk, scowling at it as if it had actively wronged him. He could never strike out in violence against the two it represented to him - they were family as much as he hated to admit it and still had some favor with Great-Grandmother - but he could and would gladly strike out against a symbol they cared about deeply.

So imagining the look of horror on Thaddeus and the Other Alicia's faces when he destroyed their precious Hawk, Winston smiled and raised his wand.

"Reducto!" he cast. He was a fifth year. Spells were his best practical academic skill. He'd already practiced this spell a little when he'd seen in the syllabus that it was coming up in this unit (he often did practice spells ahead of time, when he knew they were coming, so as to better to impress his teachers and earn higher grades and so be able to compete against Thaddeus's nearly perfect academic record - another good reason to go after the Hawk).

The Hawk exploded. Well, exploded was a bit strong of a word. It fell apart and was utterly unrecognizable as a Hawk. But his spell lacked the violence and destructive power of Professor Hawthorne's demonstration against his own House's Rattlesnake. (Yet another reason not to like her.) What he had done was more like . . . crumbling than exploding. Like a sand castle falling apart under its own weight rather than any apparent concussive force destroying it by outside means.

Still, he had ended the Hawk - even more completely than Professor Hawthorne had destroyed the Rattlesnake, if he did say so himself. She'd left large chunks of rubble. He left an unrecognizable pile of small pebbles. Okay, fair, it probably wouldn't cause as much distraction for an enemy, having a statue crumble into tiny bits instead of having massive chunks fly about endangering everyone nearby, but he had obtained his objective. The Hawk was no more. And that pleased him far more than it probably should have.

He turned his back on it and made his way to the end of the line, not wanting to see it reassemble itself.

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