Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus
I hate snakes
Fri Nov 30, 2018 23:29

On the whole, Jasmine loved being a Crotalus and had no arguments against her sorting. She knew she would never survive as an Aladren. She liked the idea of Teppenpaw, but couldn't really see herself there. Pecari was the house of both of her parents, but she was kind of confused as to how her mother got in there and she didn't think it suited either of them. The one problem she had with Crotalus was its House symbol. As a girl who grew up in the deserts of California, she was very aware of exactly how dangerous a rattlesnake was, and she really wished her House was represented by basically anything else. She hated the things.

So when Professor Hawthorne offered statues of a Rattlesnake, a Prairie Dog, a Hawk, and a Wild Boar as targets in a destruction spell, Jasmine had nothing but approval in her choosing the rattlesnake as the one to go after. Jasmine herself lined up for that one, too. She didn't even have to think about it even a little bit. None of the other three had ever endangered the lives of herself, her family, or her horses.

Of course, it wasn't an actual snake - it was huge, and not slithering in the dirt - so it didn't invoke any kind of panic just looking at it, but that just made it easier for her. Faced with a real snake, she'd shriek in terror, turn tail, and flee as fast as she could. If there was any magic involved at all in that scenario, it would be accidental. Merlin knew that was how she first learned she was a witch.


Jasmine was five. She was riding Wendy. Wendy was an ancient old muggle mare, and Mom's favorite. She was the only horse on the ranch Jasmine was allowed to ride unsupervised, because Wendy was calm and steady and probably couldn't trot or rear up anymore even if she wanted to. Today, Jasmine had taken the old girl out into the hills for a bit of exercise.

Jasmine didn't see the snake at first, but Wendy did. She stopped moving and whinnied in fear. That was when Jasmine heard the rattle. She screamed.

Jasmine knew all about rattle snakes. She knew they could kill a girl her size easily, and while most of the horses on the ranch would be okay if they got bit, Wendy was old. Like really old. Older than most muggle horses lived. While Mom used healing spells and potions on her to counter the worst of age's infirmities, she was still nearly as old as Mom herself. There was no guarantee she would survive a venomous snake bite.

At the sound of the scream, the snake lunged for Wendy.

Terror filled Jasmine. She loved Wendy nearly as much as Mom did. Wendy couldn't get bit. Wendy, and Jasmine, were suddenly back in the stable. One of the stable hands let out a shout of startled surprise. Jasmine dismounted, crying, but checked Wendy for bites through her tears. Wendy was okay. A bit freaked out. (Which was fair, so was everybody else.) But okay.


So while 'flight' would normally be Jasmine's go-to response when faced with a real rattler, the lack of genuine panic did let her choose to go with 'fight' instead.

"Reducto!" she shouted with heartfelt intent.

Of course, she was still only a third year, and honestly not a very talented witch when it came to offensive magics. So while she successfully managed to smash its face (and most importantly its teeth), most of the statue remained after the dust settled.

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    • I hate snakes — Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Fri Nov 30 23:29
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