Looks like it is two against one
Tue Dec 4, 2018 20:20

Do you want to go to Teppenpaw? Subtext: I am uncomfortable here and wish to leave. Tatya, of course, had repeatedly demonstrated that she was thoroughly immune to such nuances - whether by virtue if having to work in her less proficient language or by virtue of her character. Dorian was disappointed by the lack of a quick and painless end to the encounter but not entirely surprised. It felt increasingly uncomfortable though, Tatya's forced and careful use of his proper name feeling very strange and poignently underlining the fact that they had been forced out of their comfortable space.

As Simon revealed what his problem was, Dorian felt a burning wave of anger wash over him. He had assumed that he was the source of Simon's dislike, for whatever irrational reason. And he had not been pleased about this, he was anxious at the prospect of being disliked or picked on. Finding out, however, that it was Tatya was a million times worse. By extension, he supposed, Simon's dislike extended to him too, if it was a dislike of foreigness, and those who dared display it. But that was not Dorian's main issue. His main issue was simply How dare he? Simon was not the first person of his kind that Dorian had encountered, not by a long shot. This did not make his attitude any easier to endure. Far from it. Every snide remark he had overheard in his youth replayed in his mind. The suggestions that his mother needed to speak French, made by people who assumed she did not understand them - or simply did not care whether she did and was offended. Simon had no right- he had no right, whatsoever. He felt heat pulsing in his hand, though he managed to breathe deeply enough to avoid making his wand spark.

And Simon's excuse was pathetic. Everything about what Simon said irked him; the thinly veiled nastiness, attempting to justify it, or pass it off as something else. Dorian wasn't having it. He understood that there were, supposedly rules, about being polite and blah blah blah. As far as he was concerned, Simon had broken those first. And Dorian saw no reason why he was supposed to treat anyone with a respect that they refused to show him, or in this case, his friend.

"Of course," he assured Tatya when she asked if he understood. Eighty percent, anyway. And he was not about to ask for clarification in front of Simon. His eyes had flicked very briefly to his friend and he offered her a strained hint of a smile, but he wanted to keep his eyes on the threat in front of them.

"I think that most internediates can tell what is the difference between someone speaking with enthusiasm and a geuine danger to their safety, even though the person is not using English," he replied coldly to Simon. He did not raise his voice but nor did he trouble to keep it down. If Simon felt his points had any kind of validity then surely he wouldn't be embarrassed to have them overheard. Dorian certainly was not embarrassed by what he was asserting. He was fairly sure that, by now, his and Tatya's foreigness had been noticed. Simon was not pointing out anything that other people did not know. Perhaps he would attract other idiots like himself and they would band together. Fine. Well, not fine. Vaguepy terrifying. But still, Simon could not talk about Tatya like that and get away with it. If peopke sided with him then at least Dorian would know who to avoid.

"And, as Tatya says, she does not speak to you. She is allowed to use which language she like when speaking to her friends and her family."

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    • Looks like it is two against one — Dorian, Tue Dec 4 20:20
      • So it seems.Simon and Tatiana , Wed Dec 5 20:25
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