Allegra Brockert
You're welcome
Wed Dec 5, 2018 01:28

Allegra was sort of anxious about the gathering that was being held today. When Sylvia had included her as part of this special group that the older Crotalus wanted to start, she was honored. It felt really good to have a group of friends.

Unfortunately, Sylvia wanted to include Topaz as well. The first year knew that it was supposed to be an organization for girls from families like theirs and that her cousin was as much a Brockert as Allegra herself but the thing was...she was, well, a really terrible person and the Crotalus had hoped to spend as much time apart from her as possible. She had honestly been cheered up by the fact that Topaz hated her roommate for if Topaz was picking on the other Aladren, she'd be too busy to terrorize Allegra. This group-or rather, Sylvia inviting Topaz to attend it-put her right back in her cousin's line of fire.

And it wasn't as if she could have suggested to Sylvia to leave Topaz out. For one, thing, Allegra was the sort who couldn't tell her younger siblings what to do, let alone a senior member of her house. In fact, she even tended to ask house-elves politely for favors rather than ordering them around.

Furthermore, Sylvia was her friend and Allegra was afraid that if she....made suggestions, the older Crotalus wouldn't want to be friends with her any more. Not to mention the fact that if Allegra asked Sylvia to leave Topaz out and Topaz found out, she'd make Allegra even more miserable.

Maybe, just maybe though, Topaz would think joining such an organization, socializing with other girls, was beneath her. The Aladren did, after all, think she was intellectually superior to everyone and had a higher calling in life. Perhaps, Allegra would get lucky just this once and Topaz would decide that her time was better spent "furthering the knowledge of humanity" or some such thing that likely translated into tormenting the inhabitants of the Labyrinth Gardens.

Oh, never mind, there she was. Lucky squirrels and rabbits and raccoons, unlucky Allegra. She sighed inwardly. At least Sylvia had invited Katerina as well. The first year Crotalus smiled warmly at the Teppenpaw and after Katerina and Sylvia made their exchange and the former commented on the matching broaches. "Thank you. I'm really glad you could make it." Allegra told her.

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  • Thank. You. Very. Much.Katerina, Fri Nov 30 20:15
    Katya was surprised that her earrings were the thing about her appearance Sylvia found particularly pretty - they were, after all, simple studs, quite small and plain outside of their natural light... more
    • You're welcome — Allegra Brockert, Wed Dec 5 01:28
      • Girl world has a lot of rulesSylvia Mordue, Thu Dec 6 07:26
        “Thank you,” Sylvia smiled when Katerina complimented their brooches. That gave them a nice segue into talking about the real reason they were all here. “As I said, there are brooches for you two as... more
        • Here's oneCaitlin Pierce, Mon Dec 10 03:45
          Caitlin thought that Sylvia's idea for starting an organization for proper pureblood girls was a wonderful one and something she was proud to be a charter member of as well as most likely second in... more
          • Objection, Your Honor.Katerina, Mon Dec 10 19:20
            Katerina deemed it better to be quiet and listen as Sylvia described the purpose of her organization - to mark them out as proper young ladies. This, at least, was something Katya understood. At... more
            • UpheldSylvia Mordue, Tue Dec 11 08:26
              Sylvia repressed a sigh as Caitlin suggested that they ought not to play Quidditch, and Katerina immediately (and understandably) objected. Quidditch was a subject one ought to steer clear of as much ... more
              • Amending my suggestionCaitlin, Fri Dec 14 09:49
                Caitlin was really glad she had plenty of practice over the years at suppressing her true emotions. First Katerina got all offended on her sister's behalf and then Sylvia backed up the Teppenpaw... more
                • Adding in my two centsTopaz Brockert, Fri Dec 14 18:06
                  One might not think that Topaz would be interested in attending the get-together that Sylvia Mordue was putting on. A bunch of pureblood girls drinking coffee and talking about trivial topics like... more
                  • Offering input.Katerina, Tue Dec 18 18:52
                    Tom-boy. This word was evidently important in some way, but Katya was not sure what it meant exactly. Caitlin Pierce kept using it, though, and implying…something…. “I accept it,” said Katya when... more
                    • It seems we all agreeSylvia Mordue, Sat Dec 22 10:05
                      Everything was going more smoothly. Caitlin apologised and clarified her point, and everyone seemed to be agreeing with each other. Sylvia rather thought that no tomboys was covered by saying that... more
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