Gary Harper, Aladren
Yaun-ti as well?
Sat Dec 8, 2018 00:03

As usual, Gary had arrived early for class. It was a good thing to, because he had forgotten all about meeting up at MARS today. After seeing the reminding note, he 'raced' (as much as you could call speed walking racing), to the MARS rooms. Luckily he still managed to make it on time, but didn't have any time to delve into his notebook before class began. That annoyed him a little bit.

Then Professor Hawthorne wanted him to leave his bag out here, unattended! Where anyone could come by and... well, he wasn't entirely sure on that front, but anything could happen. What if one of his players found it, and took out one of his game notebooks? They would learn all of his plans for the game! Assuming they could decrypt his terrible handwriting, and sort out his stream of thought organizational system. Nope, that was just to risky. He'd have to do something.

As the rest of the class filed into the room, he pulled the most critical notebook from his bag and jammed it into the back of his pants and under his shirt. Safe and sound. He was at the back of the students getting into the room, and had to fight his way to the front. After all, you can't learn anything from the back.

He listened to the professor and his fingers twitched, trying to take notes without the proper equipment. Once released to choose a target, he was drawn to the snake. He had been thinking about working the Yaun-ti into his adventure, the evil snake/human people always made great antagonists. So that was how he had found himself in line behind Jasmine.

There was something about the girl that he liked. He still kicked himself for chickening out and not asking her to the ball when he thought about it. Which apparently was now again. He sighed as she attacked the statue and blasted it's face off. He made a mental note not to get on her bad side.

"Nice shootin'" he drawled in what he considered a pitiful attempt to casually compliment her."Right between the eyes."

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    • Yaun-ti as well? — Gary Harper, Aladren, Sat Dec 8 00:03
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